Real Reason for GTAIV Delay - GTAIV Lego for Wii ?

Just goes to show you can do almost anything with lego...

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smart_head3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Perhaps the title should have indicated in some way that this was not news OR a rumour. It's just a user created video which to many is funny. Ah well, I still smiled while watching it. The stop-motion animation is nicely done.

supnub53939d ago

Gta lego, when gta is in lego it ain't gta anymore.nuff said.

supnub53939d ago

making parody of gta 4, they're making parody of gta3, because the game is released in 10.29.04,after gta 3.

DrPirate3939d ago

Meh, this site can use the humour. Nice change from the constant fanboy bickering.

Hypnotic3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

I bet GTA legos can't run on the PS3! AHAHAHAHA.

For the love of god I hope everyone knows I'm joking.

EDIT: I lost a bubble for making a joke? Now that's a joke in itself.

snoop_dizzle3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

msoft fanboy, No it can't, i have 512 of unified ram!

Sony fanboy. Well i have teh power of teh cell!


Sorry i just found it funny becasue i hear that alot here.

But anyways this might actually be fun

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The story is too old to be commented.