iPhone can now play Nintendo ROM's

In a matter of no time at all they went from the first "hello world" app to having screen capture software, to a voice recorder, to now having an NES emulator on the iPhone. What's next? So much for Nintendo making games for the iPhone, they already did, quite a few years ago.

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TriggerHappy3726d ago

Emulations all over again. Expect a report from Nintendo in a few days.

darthv723726d ago

I love the little touch screen version of the classic nes pad. It just needs nintendo's seal of approval.

djt233726d ago

wow that cool i never knoe they could do Emulations with a Iphone

ItsDubC3726d ago

That's a very cool implementation for the control interface. One thing I noticed though - he pressed right on the d-pad and Mario kept moving right as if the d-pad were being held down. Interesting nonetheless.

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