Gaming Media Needs a Kick in the Ass

The gaming media has been a double edged sword over the years. While it once represented the frontline in breaking news and information regarding everyone's favorite up and coming releases, titles and franchises; it has since fallen from grace. Media outlets no longer publish the same meat and potatoes stories we so frequently, and apparently, took for granted years ago. But why was there such change? It wasn't always this way. There was a day when you could leaf through a magazine in search of an article only briefly mentioned on the cover and find contentment in a well thought out and articulate piece of literature; or click on story on the front page of a gaming news site to discover new and exciting information, but alas, those days are gone.

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Loopy3758d ago

N4G also needs a kick in the ass, with all those annoying rumours and news just to get some news points...
Yeah, flame me if you want, you know I'm right....

Captain Tuttle3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

It's destroyed all types of traditional media. Not that that's always a bad thing. Information just moves too fast these days.

Itachi3758d ago

Gaming media is childish oh look how good this game is it can do this that

they need to do better media coverage instead of this looks great articles

Daytona3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

If a PS3 fan doesn't think he/she is getting fair coverage that's fine, take it up w/that media's contact/s email-phone-etc...but don't start some bashing and saying Halo 2.5 BullSh*t, or vice versa nor should any Xbox 360 fan be bashing ps3, this is/was supposed to be a media directed responce.

Also, whether this writer or his group of fellow "just dudes" as he puts it, calls themselves journalist or not, unless it's just a blog or myspace fan page then you are calling yourself a journalist just by having a gaming web site and posting articles to it. Again, if it's some sort of discussion page that's also different but what they do is journalism, even if it is weak or just one persons rave or rage, or maybe only read by 10 people a month.

With that does come some level of journalistic integrity or atleast should.

If a writer no matter on what level their on or put themselves on, if they don't wish to be seen as a journalist or a wannabe even, then as stated there are discussion boards or myspace pages or blogs.

Sylo3758d ago

Did you read the article?

The "Halo 2.5" quote you're talking about was the writer referencing an article that Cesar Berardini wrote. The writer of this blog was saying that Cesar was a douche bag for saying that Halo 3 was more like Halo 2.5.

I read some of his other articles, and he definitely is a halo fan. Just read this one:

He wasn't starting anything. He was defending Halo and journalistic integrity.

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