Fable 2: Hands-On & Molyneux Interview - "most RPG's are sh*t"

Find out why Peter reckons "most role playing games are sh*t" in kikizo's new chat with him, and enjoy these rare hands-on impressions of a very early demo of Fable 2.

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TriggerHappy3912d ago

Gotta agree with him there though, some RPG's are just "sh!t" no questions there, am really waiting to see how well his game turns out.

Fable 1 was a success, can history repeat itself ?

ParaDise_LosT3912d ago

Fable 1 was a half assed game, but a huge success...

If this is a ......full assed game it should be even better :D


Fable 1 may not have been completely finished, but it was a huge sucess. Hopefully, Fable 2 will follow suit. But, KOTOR was the best RPG I've ever played... by alittle company named Bioware...

IMHO, MASS EFFECT will be the King of RPG's on next gen consoles.

TheFamilyGuy3912d ago

Fable was a massive disappointment. Sure, it sold extremely well, but that was only because Peter M hyped the game up to be something it wasn't. As of now, the best RPG franchise in my opinion is the Elder Scrolls series...especially Oblivion which was accessible to mainstream gamers as well as hardcore RPG fans.

I don't even think Fable 2 will be as good as PM said Fable 1 would be, but I'm still excited to see what he can do with the next-gen hardware.

Panthers3912d ago

Wow I thought I was the only one who hated Fable 1. It was a nice concept, but way too short and all the extra crap was pointless with such a short, easy game.

I still like the FF rpgs the most because of story, but this one looks to be great.

Odion3912d ago

ya Peter always over promises and doesn't have the time to finish it or the money, but this is his first title as a MGS developer, so we'll see if the extra resources and time pan out.

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The story is too old to be commented.