Starcraft II Initial Hands-On Impressions

Blizzard's sprawling biannual fan event Blizzcon is scarcely three hours old, but we've already gotten several matches of StarCraft II under our belt. Gamestop wasted no time in hauling tail to the front of the line and jumping on a kiosk to try out the single-player demo before getting our derrieres served to them on a platter by experienced Starcraft players in the multiplayer game.

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MK_Red3913d ago

Why on earth they keep hiding Zerg my favorite race? We have seen tons of footage showing all Terran and Protoss units and while they're awesome, there is nothing quite like storm of zerglings. (Thank God they were in first trailer for SC2).

Kuest3913d ago

That I've been waiting for. Forget the 360, Ps3 or Wii. Starcraft is where its at. Time to upgrade my pc!

JeSsMaN3333913d ago

I just upgraded my PC too about 1 month ago. I'm all set and cannot wait for it to come out!!! This is something I've been waiting for ... well for 10 years haha. I think this is going to be amazing .. and the sooner it comes out the sooner they can start working on Diablo 3!

Kuest3913d ago

Its a shame that games like this don't usually recieve that much attention. Sometimes people need to step back and remember that we're all gamers.

Genki3913d ago

Day one purchase: check

I hope people remake or expand upon the classic user created maps like Zergling Blood and Zone Control.

I'll be doing my fair share of melee and team matches though.

Sorry PS3, but you're going to have to take a backseat to the G.O.A.T. come next year...for a long time if it turns out how I hope it will at that.