Wii Game List for August 2007 (US Dates) give out all the details on this months releases

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scarlett_rg3879d ago

Oh my god, where will I find time enough to play all these amazing games?!!

(Okay, that kinda (if not totally) sounded sarcastic, but it really wasn't.)

(And there's no sarcasm in my statement indicating the absence of sarcasm in my previous statement.)

(And just to clarify... there is not a SINGLE ounce of sarcasm in this entire post, including in this very sentence.)

My head hurts. I'm out.

ItsDubC3879d ago

lol take a nap scarlett. =)

I was looking at the release list for upcoming Wii games for the rest of the year and November is actually the month that I will likely become dirt-poor both from the games released in late October and from those released in November, which sucks because it's right before the holiday season. Can too many good game releases be a bad thing?

Battalion Wars 2
Fire Emblem
Mario Galaxy
Soul Calibur Legends
Endless Ocean
Rayman 2
Resident Evil: UC

Who wants to buy me a Thanksgiving present?

djt233879d ago

they are you 2 games i am going to get on that list
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Madden NFL 08 or Mercury Meltdown Revolution