Why a handheld Wii is a terrible idea

From the looks of a patent recently filed by Nintendo, the Japanese games giant is currently flirting with the idea of a motion-sensitive, Wii-style handheld. Has Ninty gone mad?

Sure, Wii's pick-up-and-play accessibility has been overwhelming in its appeal. And no doubt, in the jackpot-hunting minds of the number-crunchers at Nintendo HQ, it makes perfect sense to bring this fresh tech to a new 'market'. But that doesn't make it a good idea.

Here's just five reasons why creating a motion-sensitive handheld is madder than a cat in a burning bag.

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CadDad3913d ago

It's always more prudent to wait to see how it's implemented before rushing to judge it.

Razzy3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

It'll probably sell like crazy in Japan and likewise over here. (NA)

darthv723913d ago

I think all of us have at one time or another been playing a game and react to the onscreen action by twisting your body or the controler in your hands. Thinking that by reacting in such a way will help you take that turn more sharply or shake off the tackle just at the 1 yard line. That is probably the notion that Sony had to make the sixaxis the way it is.

Nintendo could basically take that same idea and put it into a handheld. Twisting it in your hands controls how the action on the screen goes. Not holding it over your head as depicted. More like the sixaxis but with a screen to look at.

It is quirky but quirky sels in japan.

djt233913d ago

it will sell i now it

mikeslemonade3913d ago

I think it would if you can use to wireless mini nunchucks. Now you really would look like an idiot playing this thing. Flailing at home is fine, but flailing public is just asking for trouble.