Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Interview

A 15-year rivalry ends this Christmas as gaming's favorite mascots finally meet head-to-head in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

The Olympics genre has already been done many times before, with plenty of success and just as much button-mashing (Track and Field excluded). So how is Sega going to take the games forward when Luigi, Tails and co. brandish the torch? Sega's UK Product manager Grant Gie talked GamesRadar through an early demo of the Wii version.

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TriggerHappy3878d ago

Yup, definitely a duplicate

Panthers3878d ago

Hey, the rivalry doesnt end, it heats up. Hope to see them duke it out in SSBB

djt233877d ago

rivalry is still going
anyway Sonic will beat mario in running and Mario will beat sonic in jumping