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Submitted by xino 2019d ago | rumor

Leaked DOA5 image proves its on PS3

Blackxino blogger claims he obtained a leaked image of supposed Dead or Alive 5, and also proving it's on the PlayStation 3 system.

It does make sense since Capcom/Namco announced a new Street Fighter game versus Tekken and Tokyo Game Show is also near it's time. (PS3, Tecmo Koei, Xbox 360)

Update Higher quality uploaded, decide if it's real or fake.

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xino  +   2019d ago
Itagaki's feeling?
yes, he'll probably go mental.

What will the DOA fans think? they are already saying DOA and NG are rubbish without Itagaki.

who cares, this is what we all wanted all along! A new DOA5!
Darkstorn  +   2019d ago
Nice. There's always room for more fighting games in my book (now give me Soul Calibur 5)...
RedPawn  +   2019d ago
Bubs from the 1-up pub.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2019d ago
The picture is really bad quality, but if this turns out to be true then cool, but not so cool for the DoA5 team.
GWAVE  +   2019d ago
PS3: it only steals former exclusives.
rockleex  +   2019d ago
Where's my...
DOA X Virtua Fighter?

Or Mortal Kombat X Killer Instinct?
NarooN  +   2018d ago
Exclusive? The series existed before the Xbox was even a thought. The first DOA came out on the PS1, and an updated version of DOA2 called DOA2: Hardcore came out on PS2. Do research next time before you troll.
Commander_TK  +   2018d ago
Well I guess we deserve it since
we´ve had it b4 and lost the Tekken series
Dragun619  +   2018d ago
I noticed TecmoKoei is shifting towards the PS3 more after Itagaki left.

They released Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 & Warriors Orochi Z for PS3 and releasing Trinity: Zill O'll Zero as a PS3 exclusive and the used to be a PS3 exclusive Quantum Theory. Wouldn't surprise me if they announce Dead or Alive 5 at TGS this year as mulitplatform.
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blackbeld  +   2018d ago
finally DOA series back to the Playstation family!
vsr  +   2018d ago
Perfect game for perfect platform
This will be a perfect decision of tecmokoei. This will help to increase their revenue.
bjornbear  +   2018d ago
well, so as long as the boob physics are working
I don't mind =D
Daver  +   2018d ago

I think the world will end if they make Mortal Kombat X Killer instinct.
That would be an awesome game!
Reibooi  +   2018d ago
I'm willing to bet money that this is fake. However I am also willing to bet money that the next DOA IS indeed coming to PS3. It makes perfect sense now that Itagaki is gone and they have already made 2 Ninja Gaiden games on the PS3 and DOA is technically a bigger franchise so it would make perfect sense to release that on PS3 as well.

Anyway signs to the game being fake is that the character model for Kokoro is exactly the same as her DOA 4 incarnation with no changes at all meaning they just photo shopped her in. The menu is the same as DOA 4 only now it's going from top to bottom instead of left to right(also why be showing Kokoro in a menu selection screen?) The Chronos thing also makes it likely to be a fake as that game is more then likely done with now that Itagaki is gone and there is no way it would be added in as a extra mode as Itagaki said what he wanted it to be was quite a large action adventure game. Team Ninja isn't the type to throw in a random extra mode like Namco does in Tekken or Soul Calibur.

I would like to see the game be PS3 exclusive(no chance of that i would assume) Because the DOA games have always looked really impressive but I'm pretty sure the jump won't be as big if it's multi plat. If it was PS3 exclusive they could get it looking closer to the CG in the series as opposed to looking the exact same way DOA4 did with new characters and what not added.
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AAACE5  +   2018d ago
I think most people knew this game would go back to multi. The good thing is that it looks like they will include Cronus in the game.

For those of you who are uninformed (which most of you are), DOA: Code cronus was suppose to be a stand alone DOA story game.
darthv72  +   2018d ago
cool...a new DOA
knew it was coming. Now the tough part. Do I keep the series going on 360 or start it on ps3.

I have the firat on saturn, the second on dreamcast and then the doa combo of 1 & 2 on xbox along with DoA 3. DoA 4 on 360. I may just get 5 on ps3 so that each one has a DOA to play.

It will depend on the exclusive content each has to offer.
Blaze929  +   2019d ago
how can one even tell that is DOA5? On top of that, it's from a random blog who writes like this:

"To bad I'm not a journalist so therefore I can't contact Tecmo Koei about this.
If you are a journalist, do me (us readers) a favour and get in touch with PR of TK-A/TKE about this image.

I really don't care much about DOA, all I care about is Ninja Gaiden so while you are at this site, support it please:P "

how man grammatical and spelling errors did you spot? Because I spotted a lot.

yeah, this is totally legit.

xino   2018d ago | Immature | show
izuna  +   2018d ago
Don't get distracted, the post is only about the images. Xino's blog can get content from anywhere, and you would expect leaks to only on unofficial sites or forums anyway. Grammatical errors doesn't change an image; I'm not saying you should believe in the Rumour based on the images.

EDIT: Holy shit those updated images reveal that these are completely bullshit; look at the background in the Kokoro image to the left. This shows that the image is taken from one of the Dead or Alive 4 Promotional Pictures; and the little bubble to the left of that is a darkened icon from Xtreme 2. I'm sure something like this happened for the supposed Ninja Gaiden III shit as well. If the Ninja Gaiden III thing also came from this blog, I think moderators should look into it, possibly getting it flagged.

2nd EDIT: Yeah, the Ninja Gaiden III bullshit came from the same site, which was already proven fake. This 'xino' sure knows how to get "leaked images" from either some troll or himself.
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Blaze929  +   2018d ago
told you. but noooo one wants to listen to me. just hit the disagree button.
Godmars290  +   2018d ago
You're talking like the game's been 360-only from the beginning.
Started in the arcade, moved to the Dreamcast then the Playstation and Xbox. Making no real improvements in play mechanics or even graphics. Nothing exceptionally notable to any one platform.

Now its truly gone multi while Itagaki tries to start another franchise with his own company. A multiplatform franchise at that. Why should he care about something he now has no control over when has to prove himself? Prove the stupid ego that kept him on one console?
DFresh  +   2018d ago
DOA (Arcade/PS1)
DOA2 (Sega Dreamcast)
DOA2: Hardcore (PS2)
DOA3 (Xbox)
DOA: Ultimate (Xbox)
DOA4 (Xbox 360)

Now you have DOA5 which is guaranteed to be multiplatform between PS3/Xbox 360.

Though I still find it strange that many DOA games have been exclusive up until this point where it changed to being multiplatform which is good.
DelbertGrady  +   2018d ago
"they are already saying DOA and NG are rubbish without Itagaki."

Well, have you seen Quantum Theory? That's kind of in the lines of what I'd expect out of a Tecmo game with no Itagaki.
Gago  +   2018d ago
1. Tecmo not a dev, its a publisher

2. Itagaki was part of team ninja (devs)

3. Quantum Theory is made by another tecmo studio (not team ninja)

4. Yes, Team Ninja will not be the same without Itagaki, this DOA and the NG sigma 2 they made are Itagaki's games, just with better graphics and more content, the new team hasn't shown anything new
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1942  +   2018d ago
both ninja gaiden sigma and sigma 2(the games itagaki didn't work on) were better on the ps3 then the 360 version(the one itagaki worked on) so if anything the company is bettr without him. 360 fanboys will deny it because team ninja will be making more ps3 games and probably better games on the ps3 then when they only worked on the 360.
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ukilnme  +   2018d ago
@ 1942

"both ninja gaiden sigma and sigma 2(the games itagaki didn't work on) were better on the ps3 then the 360 version(the one itagaki worked on) so if anything the company is bettr without him."

You do realize that Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a retooled Xbox 1 game right? I have played both versions and the difficulty was dumbed down for the Sigma version. I'll pretend for you that it was better because what else should be expected, it came out years after the original.

As for NG2 and NGS2 comparisons, I can't compare them because I only played NG2 but from what I saw of NGS2 I may give it the edge because of the additional content. Again, NGS2 had the benefit of coming a year or so after NG2 so it should have been the better game.

I know PS3 fanboys such as you have to believe everything is superior on the PS3 so go ahead and stay in fantasy land. You guys have been there so long anyway.
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1942  +   2018d ago
the only ones in fantasy land are you 360 fanboy clowns . it doesn't matter if it came out a year later or not this idiot said the games wouldn't be as good with out itagaki and i showed proof they can do better without him. instead of reacting like the fanboy you are how about you use your little pea brain next time.
crzyjackbauer  +   2018d ago
Itagaki is a selfish bastard
after playing doax2 i can surely say he sucks
i played ng1 and ng2 but doax2 was craptacular
and as far as DOA fighting games, they suck seriously who the hell plays them? the only selling point is the hot chicks but the game blows

ps3 fans you can go ahead an keep this one
i rather it be a ps3 exclusive
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2018d ago
NG2 was significantly better on the Xbox 360 due to the difficulty level.

NGS2 had issues like the timing was off on the button inputs, the dumbed down enemies and the fewer enemies on screen. Graphics was improved, but what the heck happened to all the blood? The extra characters was boring, but I do appreciate the co-op that is somewhat finicky (read lag infested). I hardly think that is the better version.

NGS had inconsistent quality due to being a port of the original Xbox game. The feel of the game was also changed, i.e. hit distance and movement etc... It felt like a lousy port despite the graphics advantage. I would rather play the original NG Black.
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Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2018d ago
im not going to have this argument but I should tell you
1942, that ninja gaiden sigma 1 and 2 are PORTS of the games ITAGAKI made. they just added extra content.

saying they can do better without him, and using HIS games as an example is moronic.

Sure itagaki himself didnt port the games, but the team that did it already had COMPLETE games to work off of. And those complete games were made by itagaki.

Anyways, Im excited to see DOA 5 and NG3, even without itagaki working on them.
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ukilnme  +   2018d ago
@ 1942

Seems as though you can't see the forest through the trees!
mastiffchild  +   2018d ago
@idle-I agree with bits of what you say here but, also, you're being unfair and ignoring the one MASSIVE improvement from NG2 to Sigma and that's ytthe camera. The enemies weren't dumbed down at all it's just that, imho, having played both and as a fan of Itigaki's work(though NOT the man)Sigma just allowed me to play the game as he probably had intended-with a little more precison. With the excess gore toned down(why put in the stupid purple crap though?)-and to me it had just gone a bit too far and alongside THAT bloody camera(which, as they could fix it for Sigma why on EARTH didn't they patch us 360 owners in a fix as well-makes a big difference to the game)just made seeing exactly what you were slicing and dicing a bit blurred/hidden.

I think removing those two made the game seem a little ewasier but mainly because you could now see what you were doing better-certainly didn't feel like the enemies were any dimmer to me!

Agree with most of your stuff on Black/Sigma1, mind, though I wouldn't call it awful as a port and as an introduction to the series it was possibly a much better choice than Black would be, no?

We're yet to see, like with Kojima's Rising team, whether the other guys at TN can do well without Itigaki to be fair and calling it either way is a bit rash just yet. Could even be that the team was giving Itigaki the confidence to make the games he did-you never know and if his new team is great we might now have TWO teams willing and able to create similarly great games. Isn't that what we all really want? For now, though, all TN have done post Itigaki is retool his games for another platform and add content that, for all we know, may have just been cut from the original for time or space reasons-in short Itigaki may well have created most of that too, who knows?

Whatever, NG and DOA are hardly 360 only titles and the next in both series will be multiplats for sure and we can only hope someone with the same talent and passion takes them up for us. Be good to see what the man himself comes up with after a change of scenery-always does my creative side the world of good to shake things up anyway.

@Soda-what's QT got to do with it? IMHO that game is a Japanese developer doing the fashionable thing of copying a successful western theme in a successful genre in the west and nothing more. Sure, they get grief for it cloning Gears but there's enough in the Art Nouveaux backdrops and co-op attacks(you know what I mean) to suggest a bit of Japanese flair is in there somewhere. It might not be the horror story we all fear you know! If they have a good story and the characters aren't the kind of schmucks we can't relate to then it's still got a good chance of becoming a sleeper even if it's never broken the level of average in anything we've yet to see. Isn't anything to do with this or TN or Iti though.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2017d ago
I never really noticed the camera was better on NGS2... perhaps it was better and that is why I never noticed it. Then again I always manually control the camera.

The only thing I noticed was that the camera is now further behind Ryu.

Overall, I was not impressed with NGS2 as I felt it was just a bunch of trade offs. Upgraded graphics, but fewer enemies. I would rather they focus on game play first and foremost.

I love NG series and hope that the new Team Ninja doesn't F it up.
PeterGriffinSays  +   2018d ago
Yea been waitin for this!
fossilfern  +   2018d ago
Really want another DOA still play 4 time to time but if its on PS3 it will be great so i can play my m8 online :D
gtamike  +   2018d ago
Tekken and Soul Calibur FTW
But will give DOA5 a try :)
NewZealander  +   2018d ago
im betting this is fake, for one reason.

look at the characters hair on the character select screen, its still the horrible dredlock hair from the last game, surely they would have fixed this after all this time?
Krimmson  +   2018d ago
Hate to say it (not really), but DoA was crap to begin with. NG is pretty good though.
#1.9 (Edited 2018d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xbreakx360   2019d ago | Spam
jaredhart  +   2019d ago
Would be nice.
takohma  +   2019d ago
I hope they change those simple game mechanics. It was too easy to counter people. But still a fun game. Not really competitive though like Tekken or sf 3rd strike. Man I miss that game
ActionBastard  +   2019d ago
I agree. In some online matches, the first 5 seconds were just the sounds of the player's character making their counter "hi-yah!" sound. Still fun like you said, but that definitely needs tweaked, even for SP.
izuna  +   2019d ago
DOA isn't all about countering, you can stagger out of hit-stun to allow yourself to block. I think it's pretty competitive, I used to watch tournaments of it.
wages of sin  +   2019d ago
Simple game mechanics?
The term "easy to learn, hard to master" comes to mind. DOA is much more than simple countering.
ThePlaystationFour  +   2019d ago
1 word.
iMaim  +   2019d ago
hard to tell.
regardless, a multiplatorm doa is still awesome.
izuna  +   2019d ago
I have no idea if this is real; probably not, but give us our frame advantage back!
jack_burt0n  +   2019d ago
oh yeah DOA5 @ TGS running on ps3
DFresh  +   2018d ago
Maybe when DOA5 releases Tecmo can re-release DOA3/DOA4 on PSN somewhere down the line.
RockmanII7  +   2018d ago
DoA isn't owned my MS, no reason for it to be exclusive to 360. Of course people will be extremely vocal when it is announced for PS3, but honestly the odds if it being on PS3 and 360 are much greater than the odds of it being 360 exclusive.
izuna  +   2018d ago
Report Xino
Recent story published on N4G from the user's blog contained fake images of a supposed DOA5, saying he managed to get the images form somewhere:

I remembered seeing something very similar about Ninja Gaiden III: This story was also submitted by the same user, saying the images came from a friend of his.

These were proven fake, and are very similar to the Dead or Alive 5 ones, not only that, he posted the images on forums where he was arguing for fake images: I think he has deceived N4G by creating these horribly done images and submits the stories himself to get hits on his blog, his name recognized, and to troll.

The same user has made a blog post about what he wants out of Ninja Gaiden III, using photoshopped images to visually explain his ideas, this is evidence that the user has experience in photoshopping. This is the story he submitted, unfortunately he has since deleted his post with the images on it. He even used to stop his site from being untrusted on N4G.

I am looking into this to get more and more evidence, but unfortunately I have used up all of my bubbles, please reply to this comment if you find more against him, I have reported the user for intentionally deceiving N4G and its viewers, and I directed the report to this post.
#11 (Edited 2018d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
xino  +   2018d ago
you got deceived and want to cry?
Do you even know the purpose of leaked stuff!?
Leaked stuff are there to inform you the thing/device/game is in the works, there are lots of made up rumours by other people, so I suggest you start with them as well. Don't forget the reason made up Tekken vs Street Fighter with KING and that Rufus guy, turned out to be fake.

Rumour images are there for you to believe or not! If you believe them, that's your own cup of tea, if you don't oh well. In the end the developers/publishers themselves will eventually announce the game/device.

What about Twisted Metal? how many leakes and rumours have we had on it yet David Jaffe still refused NO and was eventually announced at EEE3 2010.

I don't know why people like you make small things such a big deal, maybe it's because you are too gullible in life. Do you know how many Patents SONY has released and we haven't even seen yet?
So therefore it's up to you to believe if the images are real. What makes it more doubting is that yes I made up fake stuff, but what if I did get my hands on leaked thing and the provider knew no one would believe me because of my recent history.

There will always be Leaked/real or fake images lying around the web so get over it!
Thoreau  +   2018d ago
king and that rufus guy
it is abel and namco is releasing tekken x street fighter before tekken 7....
Gago  +   2018d ago
that would be very cool
DOA 4 is arguably the best 3d fighting game this gen

need a sequel on ps3
Bhai  +   2018d ago
Actually I'm happy THAT pic was fake...
...As undetailed the characters in DOA4 were, I see the same quality in this picture which I'm beginning to dislike, they're sooo puppet-ish. I believe if this game is coming to PS3, there should be proper detail suited to the system's powers, Virtua Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat and Tekken have proper details and skin level beautification on characters, not some plasticy limbs as of DOA4... so that detail should translate to DOA5 :)
King Hippo  +   2018d ago
Photoshopped screenshot.
I bet this nerd spent at least a week on this trying to fool people because he has nothing else going for him in life. The most he'll ever accomplish in life is tricking a few people on N4G with a fake image.
mastiffchild  +   2018d ago
It's a tired trick to take a rumour(that DOA's next iteration will be a multi-which is certainty anyway)that's very believable and shop pictures to support it and get hits for you, your blog and your site.

The images don;'t seem any more advanced than they were for DOA4 and, if this were kosher, they REALLY, REALLY would, wouldn't they? I just think it's lazy and a bit cheap, to be fair, believe DOA5 will be on every platform under the Sun if you wish(PS3 and 360 are certs you would imagine anyway)just don't do so because you saw his "pictures".
kasasensei  +   2018d ago
SkylineR  +   2018d ago
It's a BAD mishmash of photoshop...
sarshelyam  +   2018d ago
SO want to believe...
...but this looks terribly shopped. It just doesn't have the level of polish that DOA is known for in their menu system. It's cluttered and just a plain mess.

Couple that with the fact that the "Alpha" character model in the screen looks dated. Even in Alpha things would be looking better than they do here.
Kahvipannu  +   2018d ago
This is fake, but visuals like this would look good:

Related image(s)
Kahvipannu  +   2018d ago
Multiplatform or not..
I just want new DOA! If this is true (which I doubt), I will be pretty damn happy. DOA is one of my favourite fighting franchises.
Pootangpie  +   2018d ago
I loved DOA4 I hope the rumors of a 5th installment are true
that is all
Prcko  +   2018d ago
is this a little bit fake????
SkylineR  +   2018d ago
It's freaking fake. Look at the outer beveling on the buttons. I would say "nice photoshoping", but it's a crappy job.

Edit: Had a closer look at it, and I'll change my opinion to "horrible photoshop". I see, outer bevel, inner shadow, outer glow, bevel + inner gradient. Signs of a n00b photoshoper.
The face of Kokoro used on the smaller circle is from DOAX2.

Absolute fake.

Edit2: Look at my attached image from DOAX2.

Related image(s)
#20 (Edited 2018d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PandaJenkins  +   2018d ago
it sure does look fake. Though even if it is, I wouldn't be surprise if DOA5 came out as a multi-platform game. DOA has never been an exclusive series, DOA4 was exclusive but that doesen't mean the whole game series is.

Seems like a lot of the fans don't care anymore since Itagaki won't be working on it. Not sure really if I care much or not, I always liked the games but never loved them or anything.
Jeff-Ryan  +   2018d ago
looks 100 % fake
Kokoro looks exactly the same as in DOA4. If this were DOA5, you would expect some sort of different visual style.
Prcko  +   2018d ago
y it's defenetly fake
N2G  +   2018d ago
best fighting series is back,this is awesome.
IneedWeed  +   2018d ago
yea Marvel vs Capcom is back, but what does that have to do with DOA5?
J-Smith  +   2018d ago
realistic ( . )( . ) at last then LoL
megacheak  +   2018d ago
I made this picture to the article on my site last year to the day of the first of April.
#25 (Edited 2018d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SpoonyRedMage  +   2018d ago
I think this is fake and I don't know when DOA5 will be coming.

Aren't Team Ninja busy with Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive 3DS now after Metroid: Other M?
ReBurn  +   2018d ago
I hope it's true. It's been so long since we've had a real DOA game that I don't care what console it's on. I'm happy to see that there's a surge in fighting games again. I
#27 (Edited 2018d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Thoreau  +   2018d ago
is one of the worst fighting games in history. the lack of a side step, over powered low defensive hold(active for 20 frames, negative for only 5 frames, evades highs and punished lows) doa 3.1 was moving in the right direction, but good ol'itagaki creates 3 different types of get-up kicks that causes launchable stuns, but adds a "very" forgiving wall punishment system.....there are too many issue with doa4 to count, thus the reason it died so quickly. good riddence of itagaki. he is an overated developer.
guzman  +   2018d ago
Yeah, well Walden was overated pap, so piss off Thoreau.
gaga1155   2018d ago | Spam
jlemdon  +   2018d ago
looks fake to look at her outfit, the same one from DOA 4 that was an extra.
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