Ace Combat 6 - new trailer

Namco has just released a new Ace Combat 6 trailer which shows off the action packed story driven nature of the game. It's certainly looks very interesting and from the demo plays very well too. This is certainly a game to keep an eye on for fans and non fans of the long running aerial shooter series.

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likeaboss3023914d ago

I look forward to picking this game up on release.

ASSASSYN 36o3914d ago

This game will be a seller but the trailer is old.

sjappie3914d ago

this trailer has been on xbl since before E3.

DTClown3914d ago

Different story, but the level layouts seem to be the EXACT same as the previous Ace Combats. The level with the city on the bay with the bridge has been in I think EVERY Ace Combat game that was ever made. This franchise needs something more than just a new story line.

ktchong3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

32-user multiplayer dogfight via Live, competitive ranking, and customizable/upgradeable fighters?

And don't forget about the photo-realistic graphic. You've never seen that before in the previous PS versions.

Dlacy13g3914d ago

Online play has me excited for this game. Not really into the story and single player mode.

Also, I am very interested to see how the flight stick which is rumored to be released at the same time is going to look and feel. I hope its wireless similar to the MS wheel..but I have a feeling its going to be USB.