New skins hint more DLC for Uncharted 2

Launching earlier this year, the Siege expansion (our review,) contained a number of new skins, a pair of multiplayer maps and even a unique co-operative mode for co-operative play. Since then there has been no word of any new content in the works, despite Naughty Dog constantly tweaking the game via title updates and hosting double XP weekends. However, members of the official Naughty Dog forums have uncovered several screenshots taken from the game's Cinema Mode, depicting three new skins. Neither available in the singleplayer or online portion of the title, the evidence suggests these new skins will be part of Naughty Dogs next DLC package. These new skins include...

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Colossal_Red2855d ago

We've waited too long for more DLC. Cmon ND give us what we want!

xYLeinen2855d ago

Kinda disagree, I think ND support Uncharted 2 very well.

mantisimo2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Heres a link to the youtube video showing all the new skins.

Crap the link doesn't work. How do I make it work?

Colossal_Red2855d ago

Agreed. I've enjoyed every MB of content added to the game, it's just that the UDF and Siege expansions were close together, it would have been nice for ND to at least speak about their newest DLC pack.

Redempteur2855d ago

IMO i just was MORE CO OP senarios ..thoses are a blast but they had only 3 !! i wouldn't mind a little more

socomnick2855d ago ShowReplies(2)
Colonel-Killzone2855d ago

I wouldn't mind them putting Snake or Ezio in the game honestly. I could see them fitting in their just fine. I thought they did a fine job with all their DLC.

Colossal_Red2855d ago

Well said, though neither are directly owned by Sony, whereas inFAMOUS, Resistance and Killzone are.

Colonel-Killzone2855d ago

I know that but I'm sure they can work out a deal similar to what Lost planet did with Gears and also what lost planet did with Killzone 2 also.

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tyrex2854d ago

put sweet tooth in the game

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