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Pandamobile2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Well, there goes any chance of BF3 being a true successor to BF2...

Unless they make two versions of the game like they did with Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

dragonelite2854d ago

If only they wont be so anal to put away prone for BF 3.Saying console player cant work with it bullshit MW works to with prone so dice stop being such consoles carebares you guys didn't give a fuck about low res prone when bf 1942 came out on pc. Implement killzone 2 singleplayer fps cover mechanic for the leaning.

Seems like they dont have a lot of fate into MOH to bundle it with BF 3 beta.
So now i have to buy the limited edition just for the beta well played EA unless BC:nam buyers get access too...

captain-obvious2854d ago

well knowing EA and how they do things
im sure we'll see BF3 on consoles

just wait and see

HolyOrangeCows2854d ago

"Well, there goes any chance of BF3 being a true successor to BF2... "

Here come the weepy PC fanboys.

Rot_in_Fail2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I need BF3 on consoles! As I'm not buying gaming PC anytime soon, probably never and I need to play the game.

Hey DICE PC version can be superior with gadzillions players online, enormous unlimited maps, ultra hd graphics. I don't mind just bring it to playstation.

evrfighter2854d ago

This subject has been discussed thoroughly in the steAm forums already. It's already being accepted to not have high hopes for bf3 among pc gamers. As someone stated. This is ea we are talking about. They are destined to take the good rep they have earned this past year and flush it down the toilet

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Agent-862854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

NNNOOO! BF3 needs to be a PC exclusive so it doesn't get "dumbed down" for the consoles. Look, I own a PS3, but I still want this to be exclusive for the PC. God, I hope they don't ruin the Battefield franchise.

geth1gh2854d ago

whats your problem? bc2 was made on the pc and ported to the consoles, so all its glory was shown the best on pc by far.

So your obviously gonna get the best gaming experience on the pc anyways. So just cause its gonna be a little bit less intensive on the consoles, you just don't want it to be released even though your going to be playing it on your pc no matter what?


Darkstorn2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Sounds like Battlefield is going to become a yearly franchise...

MRHARDON2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Call of Duty 2.0 and anyhow Battlefield isnt that good anyway :)

Pandamobile2854d ago

It's been a yearly franchise since it started. (although some are expansion packs)

2002 - Battlefield 1942
2003 - Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of World War II
2004 - Battlefield: Vietnam
2005 - Battlefield 2; Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
2006 - Battlefield 2142
2007 - Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
2008 - Battlefield Bad Company
2009 - Battlefield 1943; Battlefield Heroes
2010 - Battlefield Bad Company 2

Persistantthug2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

My memory runs quite long.

Pandamobile2854d ago

Well, now I get to argue that it shouldn't be on consoles. I'm still holding on the the slim chance that there will be platform specific versions like there was for BF2, where DICE can scale the game way back to run well on consoles, and go 100% with the PC version so we can have the same sized maps we had in 2005.

Persistantthug2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

But I have news for you,'s not.

Sure, on high, PC is the best,

But on "low" scale....PC is also the worst, Pandamobile.

Developers also have to program for low end computers seem to totally throw that fact right out of the window.

I guess actual facts aren't always necessary though.......I guess.

Tehdaza2854d ago

It's not just graphics that differentiate PC from console games.

It's easy to scale back the graphics settings on a PC game. It's a matter of turning off some shaders, lowering the LOD settings, lowering the texture resolution, etc. On consoles, they [developers] have extremely small memory budgets to work with. The PS3 only has 256 MB of system RAM, and 256 MB of VRAM for crying out loud. It's issues like this that force developers to drastically alter the game in order to fit it into the console's memory budget.

There's also the gameplay factor. You'll find that PC exclusive games like Crysis and Battlefield 2 are very complex, and their control schemes illustrate that. PS3 and 360 controllers only have about 16 buttons. That doesn't leave a lot of room for controls for issuing squad orders or quickly cycling through weapons, or plotting points on your HUD's map.

That's why you'll hear a lot of PC gamers complain about our games being dumbed down for consoles, because they actually have to remove gameplay features in order to work with controllers.

Persistantthug2854d ago

First of all,
Scaling isn't as easy as you say, especially when as a developer you have to program your game(s) for literally thousands of different types of computer parts.

That's always been PC's strength, as well as one of its glaring weakness's....especially when said game doesn't work. That's a well known and common problem that you've experienced yourself, I'm sure....I have too.

All of those game features you mentioned can and do transpire in console games...In fact there are games that employ them right now.

The key word for the day regarding that: OPTION SCREENS.

And that's just one solution of dozens. Trust me...its not really rocket science.

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BattleAxe2854d ago

Dice is churning out so many games now, its no wonder the quality has gone down the tubes.

bobcostus2854d ago

Way to jump on the bandwaggon. BC2 is a great game, you are just trolling.

RememberThe3572854d ago

Have you played the Metal of Honor beta? It's a borefest.

BattleAxe2854d ago

I earned 100% of the trophies on BC2 before the VIP DLC came out. I was bored of BC2 after the first month and a half. 8 maps and 4 game mode playable on certain maps isn't good enough.

gtamike2854d ago

Battlefield 2 (PC) is the best Battlefield game, buy it if you have not played it!!!! :D

chak_2854d ago

what panda said

that was my most anticipated title by far. I don't care anymore.

DICE ruined the battlefield franchise alone, hats off

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muddy94942854d ago

As long as Battlefield 3 has planes on the console version, I am sold.

Darkstorn2854d ago

Battlefield 1943 says 'Hi.'

SpaceFox2854d ago

By planes, I'm assuming he means JETS. As in, supersonic fucking speed jets, with HUGE wide open maps to fly them in.

Kamikaze82854d ago

I hate these stupid exclusive betas that require you to buy a game. Seems to happen more often, started with Crackdown, then Splinter Cell, now this. Ugh.

muddy94942854d ago

Then again, they giveaway thousands of codes, so dont bother pre-ordering, just wait for codes.

xino2854d ago

the fact is people who are paying for Gold and PSN+ are the ones to get into the Betas but they can't.

guess they are getting ripped off.

I'll buy this game and still get into the tasty @ss beta, no need to pay extra for online.

HarryMonogenis2854d ago

Are they talking about Battlefield: Bad Company 3?

Nasseh2854d ago

Sounds like they're talking about Battlefield 3, as in the sequel to PC exclusive Battlefield 2.

Crazyglues2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

The beta will be for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 and will take place within 12 months of Medal of Honor’s release date.

If you go to the site,- it says for the beta that you Must be 18+. Xbox GOLD membership required for Xbox users. -So clearly this will also be on consoles...

So yes they are talking about B3 the third in the bad company series and it will be on all platforms... -sorry to burst the bubble, I know a lot of PC fans love that PC only Battlefield 2

But in this new generation it's hard to make the kind of money these studios need to re-coup if the game is just on one platform.. So you won't see that happening anymore... these days your game has to be on everything for it to do really well..


hassi942854d ago

"they are talking about Battlefield:Bad Company 3."
"they are talking about B3 the third in the bad company series"

You're just completely wrong in every way.. They are talking about Battlefield 3. NOT Bad Company 3, this has nothing to do with the Bad Company series. Battlefield 3 was announced a bit over a month ago I believe but in no way has Battlefield: Bad Company 3 been announced.

Crazyglues2853d ago

@hassi94 I thought since it was coming to consoles.. they meant bad company 3...

oh then I'm lost, why is it coming out on consoles then???

mrmcygan2854d ago

Well this will boost sales for Medal of Honor

HarryMonogenis2854d ago

They must of realised all the negativity regarding the Medal of Honor beta and pulled off this stunt..

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