New Warhawk Screens

Five new screenshots showing battles from a tank, car and warhawk, plus a mounted gun on the ground.

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techie3944d ago

Bundle is reduced to £32.98 on Amazon now, after a clever fellow complained about false advertising discounts - since first party title retails at £39.99 (they said they'd discounted it from £49.99). Heavenly Sword is also £32.98 ;)

timmyp533944d ago

somebody is about to get owned in this pic =( lol

VirusE3944d ago

It looks cool but i wish they would have named it something else and given us a true sequel to the original warhawk.

Panthers3944d ago

I completely agree. It was one of the first games I played for PS1 and I loved it. SOme of the best graphics for its time and fun flying around wiht those giant air ships.

Wolfgang1873944d ago

Man it's gonna be great playing this game again. I finally brought myself to delete the beta yesterday.

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The story is too old to be commented.