Lair box art swoops down from the heavens

Sony has just released the official box art for Lair, and it's looking pretty hot (no pun intended). Featuring the armored mug of Rhon, the main character, glaring off into the distance while a battlefield of guys get the marshmellow-in-campfire treatment, it's got classic look to it.

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felidae3785d ago

looks really nice. like it.

Sevir043784d ago

i cant wait for the game. i'll get to play the final build. which i here will be clouds above the TGS06 build i played ^^

kingjkv3784d ago

Looks very nice,and pretty much defines what this game is about.

synce3784d ago

No pun intended? There is no pun to begin with.

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The story is too old to be commented.