Medal of Honor: Airborne Multiplayer Preview from GamePro

Much like the shark, cockroaches, and AC/DC, World War II first-person shooters haven't evolved much over the years. But for Medal Of Honor: Airborne, the latest in the series that started the genre, the developers at Electronic Arts have added a new wrinkle -- players parachuting into an open battlefield -- and it's not only impacting the single-player portion of the game, but the multiplayer as well, as GamePro found out during some playtime of the latter at EA's offices in Playa Vista, California.

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DTClown3700d ago

What's to stop the other team on the ground from sniping your helpless butt in the sky before you even land?

THX71683700d ago

Nothing, I guess. Damn snipers. I hate snipers!

It'll be interesting though. Parachuting down while the opposing team tries to shoot you down. I'm up for it.

THX71683700d ago

I really hate the HUD. It is cluttered with a bunch of crap. There is a huge compass, a health bar, a huge icon for a grenade, a huge icon for the weapon you have equipped, etc.

Maldread3700d ago

Yeah i agree, it looks a bit overboard for me too.

I really hope the Medal of Honor series can find it`s way back, as the games have been pretty bad since Rising Sun.