Videogamer: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Review writes: "Both the single and multiplayer parts of StarCraft II have legs, and each stand strong on their own: combine them in one package and you're getting an awful lot of game for your money. StarCraft II can be daunting, distressing and demanding but it's one of the richest and most expertly produced video games of recent years. StarCraft II is a shot in the arm for the RTS genre, filling a void that's been left dormant for far too long - about 12 years, actually. StarCraft is dead. Long live StarCraft."

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Gago2674d ago

hopefully when steam does a sale or something

Gago2674d ago

wow really

thats odd

Pandamobile2674d ago

Blizzard has their own little outlet to buy their games online where they can take 100% of the $60 used to purchase the game.

It's similar to why you won't see Valve games on D2D or GamerGate.

Malebaria2674d ago

Think you´ll never see a Blizzard game on steam.

Anyway,I´ve been playing this game non stop for 2 days!

Zinc2674d ago

I haven't been playing it non-stop, but I did play until 2 in the morning last night and I rarely do that anymore because of my work schedule and needing a certain amount of sleep to function... I just didn't care last night though. You know, that hasn't happened to me with a game in a while.

StitchJones2674d ago

Yeah blizzard has their own in-house digital game system, they don't need steam.

CLOUD19832674d ago

I play non-stop for 4 days now, everyday spent from 10 to 15 hours playing the game it's truly awesome a MASTERPIECE!