N4G August Contest (Reminder)

Contributor of the Month
Get the highest Contributor score in August and you will take home $500 in cash. The Contributor score is mostly determined by your number of approved news posts and the quality of the posts. The better the news post is the higher the bonus scores will be for each post. Second best will get $200. Third, forth and fifth place will get $100.

PS: To improve your chances of winning please read the N4G News posting tips.

Hottest News Post
Simply post the hottest news post in August and you will take home $300 in cash. ($100 bonus to the member who posted the tips if any)

PS: We will have a wider range of contests when N4G gets out of beta this fall

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Systematrix3941d ago

I think these contests are tremendous amounts of fun, great job N4G. May the best contributors win!

DiLeCtioN3941d ago

good luck to everybody. introducing new contests will make the site better...good stuff dusy.

TnS3941d ago

Your score is double of mine. Congrats. :)

TriggerHappy3940d ago

Thanks but is still anyones game...finding quality news is so hard because there so many contributors now.

Crazyglues3941d ago

Nice way to set off this hot summer... Let the games begin.

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The story is too old to be commented.