ELSPA Weekly Chart - Playstation 3

Is Resistance: Fall Of Man still at number one in the PS3 ELSPA charts for yet another week?

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Razzy3943d ago

Insomniac/Sony must be pleased. According to VG Charts Resistance has sold around 1.58 million copies worldwide. Not bad for a launch title. Insomniac must be hard at work on the sequel.

Wingnut263943d ago

I bought it at launch and I'm still having fun with it. Looking forward to a sequel.

DEADEND3943d ago

I just got my copy and im having a great time playing it.

Antan3943d ago

Tis indeed a great game! Well Insomniac are beavering away on Ratchet of course but im sure there will be a select few who will be in pre production, and probably have been for quite some time. I guess once Ratchets outta the way......who knows, we may see Resistance 2 xmas 2008?

pilotpistolpete3943d ago

I'm surprised NGS fell so quick. I probably seem very pro-ngs, but this is an old avatar, I'll have to change it soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.