Sony: PS3 Starter Pack is summer promotion

After denying the PS3 Starter Pack is a limited offer in Europe, new evidence from Sony UK has shown that the GBP 425 deal is likely to end at the end of the summer – much like the bundle in the Australian market.
Yesterday it emerged that Sony Australia would only be offering the deal – which includes the console, extra Sixaxis controller and choice of two first-party games – until the end of the month. Sony told that the offer is ongoing in the European regions.

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P4KY B3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I have family in the states and visit every year.

The exchange rate is 2:1 now so i could save quite a bit by buying in the US.

Will a US PS3 work properly in the UK with UK games and Blu-Ray movies?

Lumbo3882d ago

you could get problems with UK BluRay movies, as UK is in a different region code (US = A, UK = B)

Region free BluRays should not give you any problems, neither should games SO FAR. But your PS2 collection won't play on the US PS3 for sure, if its UK games

SuperSaiyan43882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

But you need a power converter get a good quality one do not buy a cheap one.

Also it will only play Region 1 DVDs, Region 1 blu-ray movies and region free blu-ray movies but will NOT play region 2 (UK) PS1&2 games.

However keep in mind that putting a PS3 in a suitcase and then as airliners dont get a rats backside they chuck it about and who knows what else...

Also if they see a brand new sealed console somehow you will get charged import duty.

Also IF it goes faulty what then?

Its not going to be easy bringing it into the country unless someone else has any other ideas.

Zhuk3882d ago

yes the games will work AND you get an emotion engine chip with the American PS3 = hardware emulation, PAL PS3 owners were screwed (yet again) by Sony as they removed the chip to lower costs.

I dont think it's a surprise that this is only a temporary promotion as the games are starting to get older and people will need something new to entice them.

A proper price cut I reckon will probably come by the end of the year, otherwise PS3 is in big trouble

Lumbo3882d ago

there are hardly any BC issues with the PAL ps3 since patch 1.8, regardless of the emotion engine being present or not

SuperSaiyan43882d ago

Some have said from what I read the newer batch of 60gb PS3's dont have them, and some say only the 80gb is the one with no chip.

However it was made clear a couple of months back that USA and Japan will no longer be getting the emotion chip in the PS3.

alexander22rednaxela3882d ago

I am from europe/norway and PS3 software emulation is horrible, almost all the aaa games have poor-0 functionality.

Kyur4ThePain3881d ago

a US launch 60gig, so I can't confirm what you say.
What titles are you referring to?

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