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Submitted by Games4M - Rob 2024d ago | article

Kinect IS a new console - you better believe it

Dualshockers: When Microsoft first announced Kinect as Project Natal then one of the phrases that they threw around was that they were treating it like the launch of a new console. At the time I thought they were just being silly, as if releasing a peripheral is anything like a new console launch -ridiculous! Since that statement Microsoft have confirmed their exact stance on Kinect at E3 2010 along with the pricing structure for the device. Now that we know that Kinect is $150 and is only compatible with Kinect games then any potential customers should take Microsofts words seriously because you might as well be buying a completely separate console. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Hyrius  +   2024d ago
I don't believe it. :)

@ Games4M - Rob : XD
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Games4M - Rob  +   2024d ago
You better believe it !
Nicaragua  +   2024d ago
I want to believe

The truth is out there…
Cloudberry  +   2024d ago
I thought it was a Naruto's referencedattebayo.
bringitson   2024d ago | Spam
Rot_in_Fail  +   2024d ago
Lightsaber  +   2024d ago
if it was a new console it work with out a 360 but it doesnt so its not its just a crappy add on.
D4RkNIKON  +   2024d ago
lol "The truth is out there"

Kinect is a new console LOL!
Genesis5  +   2024d ago
Looks like a camera. Consoles are bigger.
karl  +   2024d ago
with MS
more like.. believe and then PAY
pustulio  +   2024d ago
"Kinect IS a new console."


R u St00p3d or what? at most is a new camera.
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nickjkl  +   2024d ago
look here people the first console without any processing power
Inside_out  +   2024d ago
M$ Kinect...
M$ Kinect is a terrific device designed to expand the xbox 360's core audience and bring in some of the casual gamers that have made the Wii the top selling console this gen. In that respect, Kinect will be a huge success for M$.

Comparing M$ Xbox 360/Kinect to Sega is like comparing apple's and oranges, but the clown fanboy who wrote this piece knows that. M$ has 40+ million consoles...25 million of which are on XBL. Kinect will be the only game in town come this holiday season. It is priced right and will offer the casual market the best deal out there.

As for the hardcore 360 gamer...well, Halo reach releases in 5 weeks, fable 3 is out this year in October followed by 3 huge multi-player FPS's, MOH, Crysis and COD Black ops. All Multi-plats on 360 outsell there counter parts on PS3 by the millions. WHY...they look and play better on 360...plain and simple.

M$ has all the bases covered. What has Sony to offer...$399 2.0 and a car sim. $4000 3D TV and $150 glasses. Sony has already given up this year.

@ DARkNimrod...looks like you were tagged outside the Best Buy in this video talking like all PS3 kids....LMFAO.

Here's the hot seller for Sony this holiday...Hope it comes with the $399 bundle.
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-Alpha  +   2024d ago
First, Kinect is not a game. Stop calling it that.

Those multiplats do not "look" better on the 360, and even if they did not noticeably. Yes they outsell "by the millions" but that's because they sell by the millions. The difference doesn't matter, they are still multiplat titles that any PS3 owner can still enjoy. Selling more on the 360 doesn't hurt PS3 owners, except maybe fanboys who hold invisible stock. You'd be better off bragging about the exclusive DLC.

I will not be surprised if Kinect sells well but it's funny that defenders of Kinect (not that it's wrong to defend the product for what it is) don't personally seem to want it or even anticipate it as core gamers themselves. It goes to show that the core fans don't care for it for themselves.

So it's not as much a "revolution" in gaming like originally revealed, and though it still seems to promise something, that hope is rigorously met with some healthy skepticism.

I wont be surprised if Kinect does do well with casuals, but it's met with some equal skepticism. But personally, I do not care for it and I believe many others sincerely don't either. Even my hardcore 360/Halo friends called it a waste of time and an EyeToy. The hardcore already don't care for motion control and Kinect is the definition of that.
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DigitalRaptor  +   2022d ago
@ Alpha
Don't waste your time on him. He's beyond hope.

Kinect was never going to be a "revolution" in gaming. Its limitations speak for themselves. It can never be serious contender against REAL games.

And if Cez truly cared about the system he supports he would be against the idea of Kinect and the overly casual focus MS is giving it. It's a total waste of resources that would be better spent aquiring talent and producing amazing games for the industry and loyal gamers who have supported their system since the beginning.

I mean what does MS have lined up for 2011? Gears of War 3, and that Kingdoms game.
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Hitman0769  +   2024d ago
Kinect, Kinect... How bad will you fail?
Nicaragua  +   2024d ago
Good comparison to the Mega-CD because that is exactly how I see Kinect – an overpriced gimmick that not only adds nothing to the gaming experience but actually take something away with its lack of accuracy and tactile feedback.

Ebay is gonna be chock full of these things by this time next year.
Motion  +   2024d ago
Lol, Gamestop is going to have to open a new chain just to sell pre-owned Kinects.
DigitalRaptor  +   2022d ago
Hopefully people see the light before MS makes a killing.
DelbertGrady  +   2024d ago
"About the Author: Rob is our resident UK based contributor who has been gaming for the last 30 years. Favourite games are online, team based, third person shooters like MGO and SOCOM but he also loves a game with a good story. Self confessed trophy whore."

Writing for

I'm really surprised that he doesn't like Kinect. Really.
Games4M - Rob  +   2024d ago
Wow, your a detective genius. You managed to go all the way to my website and find out this top secret information you should get a starring role in the next Alpha Protocol game.

Of course you completely overlooked the fact that i dont mention my own personal opinion on Kinect other than my thoughts that it will fail based on the perfectly logical reasoning i put in the article.

I actually did a bit of digging of my own and uncovered your bio - "Soda Popinsky: medicore whining tool with an opinion nobody cares about, hence his 1 bubble."

Interesting stuff.
Mr_Bun  +   2024d ago
Well played
thevokillist  +   2024d ago
Very well played.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2024d ago
LOL, perfect reasoning... really? Your reasoning is perfect?

All I need to say is: when the iPhone came out, everybody thought it was over priced. We all know how that went!

My reason for Kinect will sell

a) pre-orders have been strong 3-4 months in advance despite the price. MS already did the price tasting, that is probably why several e-tailers listed it early at the $150 tag. Yet it sold well...

b) people other than the crowd (that you cater to) everyone seem to enjoy it.

Here are plenty of people enjoying Kinect:

Kinect is not aimed at hardcore gamers. Ask the casual gamers, as they seem to love it.

"Compare this to the Wii which uses the Wiimote in every game or the Playstation Move which is an option for pre-existing (and upcoming) games. Anyone who buys a Wii has everything they need for playing Wii games, anyone who buys Move very likely already own one of the many titles that will be enabled with Move such as Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, or upcoming blockbuster titles like Killzone 3."

My question to you then becomes, if current games work great the way they are, why would I want an alternative control scheme, pay extra and potential experience sub-par experience? After all, I'm used to using my controller for most games I currently play....

To me you sound like a fanboy praising Sony, yet bashing MS.

Your profile is interesting stuff indeed.
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Games4M - Rob  +   2024d ago
I didnt say my reasoning was perfect as though i am some sort of ultimate being, i said it was perfectly logical as in it is not illogical. Whether you agree with the reasoning is your own choice but it is there nonetheless. Your own reasons for why Kinect will suceed are also perfectly logical - its simply a difference of opinion.

As for your question about why use an alternate control scheme then the answer is that in most cases it simply works better. Anyone who has played resident evil 4 of the Wii knows that using the wii-mote to aim is incrediably accurate and intuitive so using that same method of control in games like SOCOM 4, Killzone 3 and Resi 5 is a natural progression. If your happy using your pad then thats fine because that option is there but for people like me who want to then there is the option of using Move.

How many Kinect games can you play using the pad you love so much ?
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Poseidon  +   2024d ago
why is it always trophy whore not trophy tramp, trophy slut?
XactGamer  +   2024d ago
^^^ fanboy fight and I mean "all" of the above.
Bedrockk  +   2024d ago
i agree w/ Rob's article - i think kinect is going to be a FAIL. its technology just doesn't seem responsive enough. i'm on the fence until i see a GOOD lightsaber or fighting game.
iiprotocolii  +   2024d ago
After getting hands-on with connect, I must say that it isn't what some folks are making it out to be. Response? It's not 1:1, which kind of takes away from a fluid experience. Before I even consider getting the Kinect, Microsoft needs to showcase a game that I, as a *gamer* and not a casual plebeian, am attracted to. They have some nifty applications that will definitely grab the attention of the less-than-casual crowd, but nothing that gamers will deem purchase worthy.
Alos88  +   2024d ago
Title might as well be Kinect IS a new console- deal with it.
In fact, that should be the new slogan for Kinnect- deal with it.
DannyVenom  +   2024d ago
Kinect isn't even a new anything, it's just an expensive paperweight.
StitchJones  +   2024d ago
Parents will be driven to buy it for kids causing a unjustified success for M$.
Acquiescence  +   2024d ago
If Kinect is a new console...
then the abomination I left floating in the porcelain bowl last night could be considered a new console too.
thevokillist  +   2024d ago
Only in space, my friend, only in space.
Dellis  +   2024d ago
It is a new console, it is the casual xbox

btw if you didn't know the setup, the camera itself has

a brick, what does that tell you?
PSjesus  +   2024d ago
I Believe it,SEGA CD was a new console too-in a good way-
EYE TOY,Power glove,GH,DDR,REZ vibrator....
downwardspiral  +   2024d ago
i don't believe shit
thevokillist  +   2024d ago
The connect is a great idea, but honestly, I’m going for the PS Move… it’s wayyy cheaper and I want to have some flashbacks from my childhood when I was playing arcade games.
N4PS3Fanboys  +   2024d ago
It may be cheaper if you already own the console, but I think these motion control devices are meant more for the casual crowd and to bring in new PS3 and 360 owners. After all, the casual crowd contains the majority of the people that will be interested in Move and Kinect.

This is where Kinect has the advantage. Kinect is a whole new experience to the casual crowd, while Move is very similar to the Wii's controls. I believe Kinect is more exciting to people because they most likely haven't experienced anything like it before. And the Kinect 360 bundle will be much cheaper than the PS3 Move bundle.
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strickers  +   2024d ago
Except PSEye can do 80% of kinect stuff and Move does more,and more accurately than Wii.See the advantage now?
XactGamer  +   2024d ago
(((DING DING DING))) that's the troll bell time to come troll... oh wait their already here. Kinect and Move will not fail, one may do better than the other but they wont fail.
jdigitalseven  +   2024d ago
Kinetic also compares to the Sega Activator
The Sega Activator was as gimmicky as Kinetic is. Both are designed to work with body movements, but failed horribly. Kinetic is simply an upgrade that still is very laggy an inaccurate. Why do you think 90% of their demos are recorded demos?? Sony and Nintendo never shy away from LIVE demos even at early stages of their tech. MS is building hype in a product they know doesn't work as well as even an eyetoy.
tiamat5  +   2024d ago
Kinect is an add on plain and simple. Microsoft may say a lot of things but you can't believe 3/4 of it.I see Soda Popinsky the main member of the Kinect defense squad is here again
jdigitalseven  +   2024d ago
@ "cez of rage"
We can tell that you are on your knees with your eyes n mouth wide open for M$ and all its oversaturated FPS's. Kinda hard to be objective when you happily wait for anything (nomatter how much they charge for unreliable hardware) to be put in your mouth.
booni3  +   2024d ago
It truly does depend on what end of the spectrum you come from. I think the 300 dollar bundle with kinect and the new xbox will be the money maker on this one. I cane imagine and existing 360 owner that would buy it.
Prcko  +   2024d ago
true m8 booni3!

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