Alpha Protocol and Iron Man 2 sales results

Sega reveals the sales results for Alpha Protocol and Iron Man 2 in their latest fiscal report.

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gravemaker3036d ago

700k? Thats better than Alan Wake. Why cancel sequel?

DelbertGrady3036d ago

The sales are spread out on 3 platforms though. I really wanted Alpha Protocol to be good.

mjolliffe3036d ago

Yeah, they're spread over 3 platforms. Still a shame they decided not to do a sequel though; the franchise had real potential.

Christopher3036d ago

The saddest thing was that Alpha Protocol for the PC was the worst of them all due to controls.

I wouldn't mind a sequel to Alpha Protocol if they ditched the lead designer/producer who decided to screw with all the mechanics.

-MD-3036d ago

Who in the world would buy Iron Man 2? I assume as Iron Man fans they played the first one and saw how horrible it was. What made them want more?

Baka-akaB3036d ago

easy it's always the same with movie-tie ins .

Grandson loved the movie and is even annoying about it . Grandma wanna give him a gift , one of those silly videogames she knows nothing about .
She met a gamestop clerks , wich convince her than if her grandson loves shooting things and loved the movie , he will love the game .

Cerberus21253036d ago

So,why don't you have a talk with your grandmother about Video games,school her,there is nothing wrong with the elders learning from the youngsters.

RockmanII73036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Everything's better when your a Kid, he might not even know that the game is bad.

Off topic, but your story reminded me of my grandma. One day she bought a Sega Genesis and Mortal Kombat for us to play when we came over (She wasn't aware of how brutal the game was). Mortal Kombat grandma > Iron Man 2 grandma

fatstarr3035d ago

I have a feeling that our generation of kids wont have that problem.

"Dad can i have Iron man 2 the videogame"
DAD: *smacks kid* pick a better game.

Baka-akaB3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

it's an example , it's completely unrelated to me , and that's just the reality of the situation . Besides we are talking about regular kids and parents who dont always have the nose stuck upon even the overrated metacritic .

Some game sells regardless of being crap (and we dont speak about overrated games , stuff with ok to average reviews score , but absolute pure crap) , especially the ones based on licences , because it's aimed target doesnt know better or try to know better .

If not , movie tie-in and many games based on licences would have gone extinct a long time ago ... they are actually usually the big million sellers and successes we never hear or talk about

Alos883036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

In a better reality those sales numbers would have been reversed, Iron Man 2 was a shiny metallic turd that barely even featured the main antagonist as a boss, and Alpha Protocol was never meant to be "Mass Effect with spies" like everyone assumed.

RememberThe3573036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

My friend bought Alpha Protocol and said he immediately regraded it. He said, like others, that the game had potential, but that they made some wired design decisions.

Alos883036d ago

It was a good rental, but I can see someone hating it as a purchase, it wasn't perfect.
Iron Man 2 just flat out sucked though.

VINNIEPAZ3036d ago

Depends on ya style of gaming I guess. My girl loved the game. She really likes story in her games. The game play wasn't the best but wasn't broken either.

Alos883036d ago

The best part for me was the way the choices you made had a real impact on gameplay.

RememberThe3573036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

He said the story and the dialog was really good, but that the gameplay got too fantastical, and would have been much better served grounded in reality.

Man In Black3036d ago

So much replayability, and the gameplay is great. Sure, there's bugs and glitches, and the graphics and animation are sub-standard, but I've had a lot of fun with it.

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