Take-Two Shares Slide as Rivals Rise

After announcing the delay of Grand Theft Auto IV, shares in publisher Take-Two have been declining-but the delay seems to be helping competitors' stock.

Take-Two shares closed today down 57 cents, or 4.03 percent to $13.59. Stock was down an additional 1 cent, or 0.04 percent in aftermarket trading.

Meanwhile, shares in competitors Electronic Arts and Activision rose, as GTA IV's delay means consumers will have a bit of extra money to spend on other companies' games.

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Sarick3876d ago

Hopefully this doen't hurt them to bad. Who knows by the time GTA comes out the userbases of the high end consoles could increase the sales. Hype anticipation = progress

socomnick3876d ago

They should just release gta4 for the 360 when its done im sure it will be done before 2008.