Vampire Rain Demo Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

Vampire Rain Demo
The price is free
Availability Not available in Germany, Korea, Taiwan or the United States
Size 844.71 MB
(ESRB: M (MATURE) Blood and Gore, Intense Violence] Vampire Rain combines stealth, survival horror and shooter aspects of your favorite games as you lead a black ops unit to secretly eliminate the deadliest supernatural enemies you've ever faced.

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marionz3946d ago

demo is old and sucks anyway....

InMyOpinion3946d ago

U.S. and Canada get Eternal Sonata while us europeans are left with this crap lol.

felidae3946d ago

wow. this game is bad.

predator3946d ago

bad game, played for 1 min

AngryTypingGuy3946d ago

I haven't played it yet, but if it's as bad as everyone is saying, then it's a huge disappointment. This game looked SO cool, especially if you love the survival horror and stealth genres like I do.

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