PS3 UT III Cross Platform Play

According to Mark Rein from Epic Games, the PC and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament 3 will be cross platform enabled.

In addition to this cross platform question, PSU asked Rein if the PS3 would be the only console to support cross platform play for the UTIII title, the answer was that they "seem to believe so."

Now UT III has cross platform play, including mouse and keyboard support thanks to the beautifully crafted FragFx. PSU can't wait to see the mayhem of PS3 players and PC players duking it out this coming November.

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achira3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

wow awesome! cant wait to play ut3. thank you epic, nice job!
marinlife9: why should it not be free ? i mean its not microsoft! when something similar from ms will come you have surely to pay.

marinelife93972d ago

Do you mean PS3 users and PC users can play together for free! What a novel concept. Who thinks this stuff up??

Honeal2g3972d ago

what would happen if 360 version did indeed follow the footstep(huge feet may i add) of sony ...would that allow 360 and ps3 users to ever play together ..and i dont care wat anyone says that would be siiiiiick

Marona3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

I'm not too sure, but I think that would violate the rules on Xbox LIVE & Windows LIVE. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Microsoft will have to share a few servers with Epic in order for that to happen since UT3(Pc) won't be running on MS's own server.

Now I know for sure PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 can't happen as they will most likely host their own to share with the Pc, I still have doubts Xbox 360 will even be able to have Mods & Cross-Platform like the PS3&Pc(Which is yet to be confirmed).

Marceles3972d ago

"Now UT III has cross platform play, including mouse and keyboard support thanks to the beautifully crafted FragFx" that there's mouse and keyboard support we don't even need FragFX right?

Azures3971d ago

I'll still be using FragFX because of how odd it would be to use a keyboard/mouse combo when playing a console (which is usually from my bed or the couch at my friend's place). The FragFX allows much more mobility.

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NoUseMerc3972d ago

PSU confirms that the PS3 will be the only console with cross platform multiplayer with PC.

Woohoo for PS3!

TriggerHappy3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

If you follow the link to the official PSU site, it links you back to the official UT forums where Mark Rein post a comment about Keyboard and mouse functionality for the PS3.

Mark Rein:
"Cross platform play isn't decided yet. Please keep this thread about keyboard and mouse for PS3. There are other threads on cross platform."

It would be nice to see this come true but unless Mark Rein confirms this to a more REPUTABLE source, i call BS on this.

EDIT:PSU = Lame. What they are doing is "SPECULATING", they don't confirm jack.


TnS3972d ago

Does PSU talked with Rein or it is based on the forum posts?
If the former, why the forum is listed as source?

Lumbo3972d ago

i don't see "seems to believe to" as confirmation, but the issue would be something different anyways, cause can you believe how people would feel if they had to play from their pay2play platform on other consoles against the people from PC and PS3 that play4free ?

+ network interoperationality is not wanted from Microsoft, hence they made their own niche system for PC aka "life4windows" to strictly regulate what is coming to the life network.

gEnKiE3972d ago

...well theirs no reason that the 360 version cant do the whole cross platform thing. so im sure we will be hearing the same thing for the 360 version as it rolls around. their probaly just putting the 360 version on hold for the moment untill next year....but this is awesome news for the ps3. :)

Lord Anubis3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

UT3 for pc wont run on windows live making things complicated.


It has a lot to do with it.Since Microsoft dislikes not having control of the servers it makes things interesting.

WilliamRLBaker3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

not running on windows live has nothing to do with any thing.
Let alone they could easily make it cross platformed by allowing server browsing and such in the 360 vesion, the fact it wont (strike that ITs not made to run on windows live) has nothing to do with no 360 cross platforming.

about the only thing keeping this from happening is controller to key/mouse gameplay.

shysun3972d ago

PC owners don't want to Pay to play against 360 owners.PC vs PS3=free,now thats a great deal!:)

SofaKingReetodded3972d ago

talk about a kick in the nuts to "games for windows live" hahahahaha

the industry hates you MS, wake up and smell the red rings.

LSDARBY3972d ago

bubble for you lol

on topic i thiknk this is mint if it does turn out to be true