Nerds Forced To Leave Comic Con After Playing TERA For Six Straight Hours

That’s right, SIX hours with hardly a bathroom break. While hanging out with the guys at En Masse, we were alerted to the fact that two guys had been playing TERA non-stop all day. As the convention was coming to a close, they refused to leave the terminal. So naturally, we interviewed them!!

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Drjft2766d ago

Hahaha gotta love it. Reminds me when I played WoW from open til close at a LAN cafe and they had to make me leave.

PoSTedUP2766d ago

one word: GAMERZ. lol yeah man GOTTA love it.

KingNintendoFanboy2766d ago

Reminds me of when I'd go to BlockBuster in early Sept. 1996 just to play Super Mario 64 before N64 came out later that month.

Megaton2766d ago

Dude... EXACTLY the same thing I did. The people there didn't turn it on the next day so we wouldn't hang around.

CrzyFooL2766d ago

These guys were hardcore. They didn't even flinch when I was talking to them. Hope they don't read this and get mad that I referred to them as Nerd 1 and Nerd 2 lol.

tehuno2766d ago

Definitely want to try this game out now.

CrzyFooL2766d ago

tooo bad, wont be out for a LONG time. Keep up to date at Can you tell I'm a fan? lol

aselah2766d ago

hahaha Nerd 1 meets Thing 2!! I love it

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The story is too old to be commented.