MS quiet on Euro 360 price

Microsoft UK is remaining tight-lipped about any plans to cut the price of the Xbox 360 in Europe, despite USD 50 being cut from the console's RRP in North America.

A spokesperson for the company would only offer, "This announcement was specifically around pricing in the US. We have not announced any pricing changes in Europe,"

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RBlaze3942d ago

... As that would mean lots of people already planning on buying an Xbox would wait to buy at that price. I imagine if we in the UK are going to get a pricedrop, it will be around the Halo launch. MS already know that consoles are going to be shifted at that time, but they might try to shift a few more while the Halo hype engine kicks into overdrive.

DirtyRat3942d ago

My bet is we'll see a price drop shortly after Halo 3 is released

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jinn3942d ago

so canada gets $100 off, united states gets $50, $30, $20 off, and europe gets nothing. it really doesn't matter cause i got mine i'm next gen baby!