Deal Alert: Commander & Conquer Titles 75% Off

Ex: It looks like Electronic Arts is trying to steal at least a small fraction of StarCraft II's booming RTS thunder with a deeply discounted catalog of Command & Conquer titles for PC.

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Queasy2821d ago

Well, nice try but everyone that's into RTSs are busy with SCII right now.

MattyF2821d ago

That's true. I'm sure this will get some attention since the price is good.

Neco5122821d ago

This is a POORLY timed sale...

Nihilism2821d ago

RE3 is a damn good game though. It's more strategic than any of the other C&C games. It's also the best looking RTS. It's crazy when an RTS game can be credited as having the est looking water effects of any game :\

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Alos882821d ago

The timing was really quite crafty of them.

jdktech20102821d ago

except not...a week ago, might have been interested....right now, it's all about the Queen of Blades and Raynor

-MD-2821d ago

Shoulda did this a week ago.

brb SC2.

SlxTeN2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

EA your pathetic lma back to Starcraft 2

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