The "New" PS Store from Cruzader

A member known as Cruzader on the PS3Forums has created his view of what the PlayStation Store should really look like. And my is it a good one. Check out the images and link for total details. Currently, most users want to get this design to Sony.

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ER1X3912d ago

That's pretty sweet. :O

Maddens Raiders3911d ago

like Cruzader might've "crusaded" his ass right into a new job. Now that's innovation son!

HeartlesskizZ3911d ago

I would never use my pc if this was real, wow wow wow wow. As SONY President I would hire u now, send u tickets first class and a prepay taxi I mean limo to come and work for me but then again im not SONY president. sorry.

kr90913911d ago

This guy did an excellent job! He should work for sony lol.

Lord Anubis3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

looks nice, perhaps it should be submitted to the PlayStation blog.

This is Sony's Contact Page for the PlayStation Blog:

lets spam them until we get a reaction.

kr90913911d ago

Yea man I was thinking the same thing.

WilliamRLBaker3911d ago

sent an email to sony it self, why deal with a blog and just send it to sony.

Lord Anubis3911d ago

To sony.

Sorry lad but who is Sony?

To which on specifically. It simple to get their information on the presscenter but the guys involved with the PS3 GUI and technical progress are in Japan. The best chance of exposure is the technical guys from the US side. So they can share it with the mother land.

WilliamRLBaker3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

and the best method isn't to contact the US folks do you have any ideas of how bad internal communication at sony is? seriously?

More then 5 times this year an exec has said one thing, then 5 others from other parts of the company have said the complete oppiset.

Most notable was KAZ saying they would have a price drop, and the 60 gig would be phased out, then the american ceo, the europe ceo...ect all said no way...when asked.

Best bet is to flood sony corporate with petitions.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3911d ago

Holy Crap!!!

That was amazing!

Only gripe...I'm not in love with the symbol for game demos. The lower-case "d" is too straightforward.

Great photoshop though, bro! Will it be on deviantart???

xhi43911d ago

stunning! That would've taken a hell of a lot of work. He should sumbit it to sony and get a job there as a designer or something, or yeah at least to the playstation blog aye. Looks unreal!