Former Atari man: Big budgets making modern games "derivative"

Fatter development budgets and growing development teams are making today's video games increasingly derivative. That's the view of David Crane, ex-Atari programmer, Activision co-founder, and creator of landmark platformer Pitfall and A Boy and His Blob.

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ngg123453912d ago

This is the reason for so many fps, and not enough sotc. This generation we could do things that we were unable to do last generation, and what are we doing with the new power? Are making games just look prettier.

Omegasyde3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

ITs called Downloadable Content! Its this unique Idea, that you make games on a smaller level and then have the user able to download it to thier console!

OMFG. Problem solved. The game doesn't even have to have the best graphics or have the complexity of Gears of war..It just has to be fun to play.

Look at the success of Geometry Wars, Rub a dub, Calling all cars, and even past classics on the Wii VC.

So if Atari is broke.... try that aproach. Its alittle demeaning from making consolesm to games onlym to dlc; but hey "you gotta do what you gotta do". Or heck Atari switch to a "PC only" aproach or make an awesome game engine and license it out. It worked for Epic studios. Atari can't count on dragon ball games forever either.

tplarkin73911d ago

More money spent on games makes them better. (Usually)