Halo 3 Level Chapters Revealed? (Warning Spoiler)

So here's yet another massive reveal, or at least could be since the source is particularly unclear. Are these the final 36 (!!!) chapter names for Halo 3?

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Eric93583785d ago

forgot to put under the game halo 3 any editors that could help thank u

SF49er4083785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

this looks so fun i wanna see what "the sky in burning" looks like, i can only imagine what the finale is gonna be. its gotta be epic wtf this is halo 3 and this is bungie, its gonna be so sick. i cant wait for bioshock though, 10/10, 95%, 9/10, i mean its already got top 9 ratings. then we got halo3, then we got assasins creed, orange box, mass effect, blacksite 51, timeshift, lost odyssey, pgr4, and more games i dont feel like typing and oh yea goty cod4 too.

MattFoley3785d ago

I will be happy i didn't think it would be even half of Halo 2.

SuperSaiyan43785d ago

36 is extremely too many if they are big chapters, maybe they are short? Or perhaps its just a rumour and not official...

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The story is too old to be commented.