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Response To Gamers: Where the F@!* is Uncharted 2!?

MonsterVine.com staff editor Zack Chase writes, "...to guarantee success, the game has to play it safe. Thus, it sticks to concepts people know and are accustomed to. Uncharted 2 you won’t find ANY creativity. What you’ll see is emulation and refining." (PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Unchared 2:Among Thieves)

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gravemaker  +   1738d ago | Well said
screw you, uncharted 2 is not overrated
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creatchee  +   1738d ago
The only thing that COULD be overrated is the multiplayer. It was fun, but didn't really last for me.

Single player is a different story - it's in my top 3 of all-time single player games.

This grasps at straws.
TEFL0N_D0N_81  +   1737d ago
I liked Uncharted 2 because they brought in another great story, and took away some bad gameplay (that grenade tossing arc using the six-axis in Uncharted 1 had to definitely go).

What I don't like about Uncharted 2 (and no game can be perfect) is the shooting mode. It's not accurate enough, and the damage is a bit inconsistent. Cover system was (and is) good. By the way, I hated the same thing about Uncharted 1, but still loved the game.
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blahblah  +   1737d ago
Multiplayer during beta was pure FUN
I couldn't stop playing it. Version that came with game... meh... not to say they completely destroyed it with tweaking.

While I was playing beta at least 50% of its time. I only went online few times with official. Somehow it didn't feel quite right.

As far as UC2 goes, I was kinda meh, except for graphics which rock like nothing before. UC1 had better feel. Better enemies. Better plot. If you played UC1, UC2 story was far too predictable, same twists at the same time. And very overrated enemies instead of really good fights in UC1.

UC1 is my 2nd favorite game after Demon's souls and before MGS4, UC2 is far, far behind on that list.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1738d ago
One of the best games of this generation. Cry 'bout it.

"Uncharted 2′s main problem is that it just tries too hard to be a money making franchise. Yes, it succeeds in that aspect, but only because the general audience is full of easy to please tools who crave a new desert to pop some heads in"
Where are his "_____ is overrated" articles for Halo, Call of Duty, etc?

Besides, Uncharted 2 was FAAAAAAAAR from just "a new desert to pop some heads in"
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theballa113092  +   1738d ago
Holy CRAP did he actually say that? Wow. I'm not even going to bother to read it. Seriously. A Money Making Franchise?
Heisenberg  +   1738d ago
I know right...
If any game deserves the hype and kudos it's U2. Give credit where credit's due. No matter how good something is, there'll always be an obscure angry nerd blogger who needs hits to hate on it.
BYE  +   1738d ago
I gotta agree it is a little bit overrated.

Demon's Souls should have gotten more attention in 2009, it has a lot more depth.
Darkfocus  +   1737d ago
Demons souls's was my GOTY 2009. uncharted was great in every aspect but demons souls had far better gameplay to the extent that it made up for all it's other flaws.
Chuk_Chuk  +   1738d ago
seems like this guy has had a low hit count.

As for Uncharted 2. Words can't even begin to describe how amazing that game is.
xTruthx  +   1738d ago

I don't think N4g users where the ones who gave the game over 200 awards
raztad  +   1738d ago
"Uncharted 2 you won’t find ANY creativity. What you’ll see is emulation and refining"

A very dumb thing to say. UC2 integration of cinematic, platforming, puzzles made it one of the leading games in the industry. Ask Enslaved devels.
mantisimo  +   1738d ago
Everyone is welcome to their own opinion....
.....But I have personally never invested more time or enjoyed more time with any game, EVER and I have been a gamer since pong.
moparful99  +   1737d ago
Here's my take on it, From the second uncharted 2 began to play until the closing scene my jaw was permanantly unhinged. I couldn't believe just how excellent the whole experience was. From the eye bleeding graphics, Best voice acting i've ever heard, witty dialogue, creative levels, and over the top set pieces I just couldnt find anything wrong with the game. At times there were some frustrating elements that would piss me off but as soon as I figured out how to beat them I had a great sense of accomplishment. This author just strikes me as one of those people that refuses to give it credit because of all the hype and praise it recieved. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, matter of fact I've beaten it on every diffculty and just the other day replayed on hard.. This game is in my top 10 of all time..
J-Smith  +   1738d ago
uncharted 2 is a MASTERPIECE

come on i thought n4g.com was going to move on from these articles with its new look & that.
its the same old sh*t, different day on this
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Cyorg  +   1738d ago
It's quite obvious...
The fact that people are still talking about this game proves that it's not overrated.
gunnerforlife  +   1738d ago
about overrated kmmmtt

i jst started playing it again from the beginning and i still love it as much as i did playing it my first time!
N4BmpS  +   1738d ago
Okay Let me get this straight, based on what he wrote. He made a list of his favorite games this generation, Uncharted 2 was not on his list and people, well ridiculed or insulted him. I'm right so far, correct? I thought so, let's continue on. He decides to "revisit" Uncharted 2 by playing his favorite chapters from the game(let me say that again. He, the author revisited his favorite chapters in the entire game). Okay I understand, moving on now.

Apparently, while playing the game he noticed somethings, that, I don't know he didn't notice before, the controls and cover system were laggy and clunky and well that did him a disservice as it would anyone. He tried to throw a propane tank to get some kills but it didn't work(understandable) he emptied 60 clips in a few baddies, it took a while for them to die which to me seems like he's implying that's not realistic enough (but Uncharted 2 isn't exactly based off of realism in terms of gameplay or gunplay more specifically) let's move on, he tries to melee and goes into cover... Hmmm he has a point (his first one so far) they cover system can be quite grabby sometimes I experienced this 2 whole times (big number right? TWO).

Okay, because I don't feel like talking about this, I'll get to my point, to me and I maybe mistaken but it seems that he was bitter and angry because he was insulted by some morons on the net. Congratulations whatever your name is, you've just experienced this space known as the internet, more specifically the gaming community, in case he never knew this, there is a lot of ignorance here and plenty to go around. So next time you want to call a game overrated make sure you're not doing it just to piss a few fanboys off. Okay? :)
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jerethdagryphon  +   1738d ago
uncharteds damage system is best decribed as plot based,

if your up against 2 hard nuts who need to delay drake then they take mazillions of rounds to down or 4 headshots

if your beign swamped enmasses they die quick
squallheart  +   1737d ago
This article sounds like a gametrailers review. What was the reason for giving it a lower score, because it felt the same. I never seen that issue being brought up with gta, halo , mw etc
BannedForNineYears  +   1738d ago
Lol title change?
I clicked a link that said, "Look back review, and why Uncharted 2 is overrated".
And now it's "Response To Gamers: Where the F@!* is Uncharted 2!?".
There's quite a difference. -_-
Ratchet_Co  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2 is not overrated. And what's this I hear about lack of originality? Yes, the game does carry a variety of gameplay mechanics from games like Gears and Tomb Raider. But unlike most games which rip off others Uncharted 2 introduced a better form of story-telling graphics, and gameplay through it's technical prowess. Not many games can pull off that now-famous train chapter which had enemies shooting, lush environments and a heli on steroids. The story-telling was so much more improved through graphics and animations because they made the characters and environments more believable.

I find it hilarious he finds the cover system janky.

"I began my venture by loading up the few select chapters that take place right after Drake gets out of prison and into the war-zone. Why? Because the beginning of a game is supposed to set up everything, both gameplay and story...it introduced movement rather than gunplay"

Of course you find the movement janky, you didn't even play the first part!
Dark General  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2 is a good game. But for me it's not as good as the original Uncharted. I agree with some of this bloggers gripes about the game. I believe that the 2nd one simply put tried to hard to emulate big budget Summer holleywood flicks. While I really appreciate the effort, production values and incredible voice work it just didn't wow me. Gameplay wise Among Thieves really hit the game out the park with better mechanics, tougher puzzles and had very good pacing.

But story and character wise the game felt flat to me. I felt like I knew what was going to happen before it happened and the game was rife with refined cliches.In contrast to Drakes Fortune where I felt on the edge of my seat and didn't know what to expect from one moment to the next. The characters also seemed more lively and much less stereotypical (except maybe Eddie Rahja) and Elena one of the first great impressions of a strong female character.

In the end I think U2 is a great game which tried too hard to be like a big action movie while the original was like playing a great unique action movie. The original felt like it had more heart, specially story and character wise while it came up a little bit short in some aspects of gameplay. Opposed to Among Thieves which delivered great gameplay but was too cliched in my opinion. Either way I'm really looking forward to Uncharted 3 (Atlantis?) where Naughty Dog takes the best part of Among Thieves and Drakes Fortune and creates one of the all time greats.
AliTheBrit19  +   1737d ago
Yes, yes it is overrated

Oh jeez, it got all of those awards!?! well it must be amazing, I mean, those people gave it those awards!



It's overrated, its a great game don't get me wrong, and one I will never boot out of my game collection, but the praise it got was ridiculous

It had no originality, nothing unique, just a standard third person action adventure.
ia_studio  +   1737d ago
I agree with the article U2 plays too safe, I was wondering why I didn't enjoy it that much.
sackgirl73   1738d ago | Spam
BornToKill  +   1738d ago
you have to be a special kind of retarded fanboy to say uncharted 2 is overrated.
BYE  +   1738d ago
Bullshit. You can still have an own opinion as a PS3 user, there's no law saying that if you own a PS3, you have to like Uncharted 2.

I like it btw, but it's overrated. There are better games on PS3.
inception123  +   1738d ago
how can you say it is overrated when it has more awards then any game(over 150), one of the highest rated games, has sold over 3.5 mil and lots of devs are giving praise to saying it is the standard for games not just in it's genre but all games with the story telling, gameplay and graphics and are using it as their inspiration? just because you don't like means nothing since everyone else did meaning it isn't overrated it delivered.
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aaronisbla  +   1738d ago
overrated would be something that was hyped to kingdom come, then fell short or far short of expectations.

Overrated does NOT mean its talked about way too much. And even if it did, most of the talk about UC2 on this site as of late is in the forms of negativity or comparing other games, particularly 360 games and multiplatform games don't really help. If it's overrated and someone is tired of hearing about the game, why waste time writing an article about unless the author is seeking hits?
RedDead  +   1738d ago
No overrated means it's gotten too many awards and perfect reviews than it deserved. Your thinking of overhyped.
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likedamaster  +   1738d ago
I never knock Uncharted 2 so fanboys could have their moment. But you're right Ceekay, we're entitled to our own opinion.

Same thing applies with Gears of war, got many awards but some out there thought it was over rated and didn't enjoy it. Personally, U2 didn't have the same impact Uncharted 1 had on me, so I just coasted through. I also fell asleep in the first 30 minutes of it. True story.
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blahblah  +   1737d ago
so... I have to be special kind of retarded fanboy to say that UC1 was better in almost every aspect than UC2 (UC2 is a perfect graphic jaw dropper)?

UC2 story was more or less timed twist copy of UC1. Same event at the same time, just different place, persons, monsters.

UC1 had much better fight layouts (one of best in game fights ever), UC2 is just more enemies which are harder to kill (I don't even wanna talk about retarded boss fights where you needed to shoot complete arsenal of small country to kill some boss, while UC1 had one of the best enemy swarmings ever instead of boss figths).

UC2 was forgettable in my book, UC1 last stages with monster swarming I expect to remember on my death bed as one of the most exhilarating experiences ever.

Only Demon's souls tops UC1 in my book.
pustulio  +   1738d ago
If this ever gets approved we all know a shitstorm will come...

PS3 fanboys please read the article before start saying stuff like gravemaker and things like "omfgz you are an idiout! uc is tha greatesttt sheet eva!!!1!!"

I don't think it's overrated but it's not the best game out there...
BornToKill  +   1738d ago
it was the best game of 2009!
pustulio  +   1738d ago
You said it OF 2009.

Not of all time.

If it's your favourite it's OK it's great but for me i had more fun with other games...

Sorry it's a matter of opinion. (:
morganfell  +   1738d ago
But your little worthless opinion is crushed and obliterated by an unbelievable volume of opposing opinions. The only person that needs to go off and stick their head in the dirt is you.

What you and a handful of people think is inconsequential to what the vast vast majority know. You and your two cronies are the ones that can't handle the truth, not the rest of the gaming world.
jjohan35  +   1738d ago
I don't think it's overrated but I also don't think it's the best game out there. That crown belongs to MGS4.
sackgirl73   1738d ago | Spam
HorsePowerr  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece.
Dance  +   1738d ago
overrated masterpiece that is
LarVanian  +   1738d ago
So you still think it is a masterpiece Dance? Lol I agree, it is a masterpiece!
N4BmpS  +   1738d ago
Yep you heard him, it's a masterpiece.
GeoramA  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2 is not overrated.

Halo is overrated.
MIDNIGHTMASK85  +   1738d ago
Oh I wondered how long it would take until soneone mentioned Halo, you just cant help yourself can you, does the article compare it too Halo in anyway shape or form?....... No it doesn't so why bring Halo into this *yawn*
KingZFlipper   1738d ago | Immature | show
ia_studio  +   1737d ago
In my opinion both are overrated.
games that take chances and succeed are the ones that are worth the attention.
Why o why   1738d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Baltis  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2 is overrated. What with it's stellar usage of "Hey, give me a boost so I can kick this unconventionally placed crate down to you" In every level. Even the mountains are littered with this same, absurd, generic, gameplay.

Uncharted 2 was good, overall. But it was not great. And it in no way was better than Uncharted 1.

Edited for the puppet below me.

Yes, stupid because I liked and enjoyed the 1st Uncharted, obviously more than you did. Yeah, it's stupid to have your own mind and make up. Of course, I'm on a site full of robots and meat puppets. What was I thinking?

Edited for the other puppet below me.

Who said Uncharted 2 was bad? I didn't. I actually said it was good. Use some comprehension skills. Or polish up what little you have left. Yeah, the world needs less open to mediocrity people and more eyes wide shut people. That's the ticket. "rolls eyes"

And Uncharted 2 has to be good because pro magazines and websites said it is! That's funny. Ignorant bliss is what that is. When a game you all hate gets low scores it's ok. But when a game you love gets low scores the mag or site is always wrong. OR being paid off. This site is full of people like you I can see that now.
#9 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(41) | Report | Reply
BornToKill  +   1738d ago
"Uncharted 2 was good, overall. But it was not great. And it in no way was better than Uncharted 1."

has to be the dumbest shiz i read all day.

says the guy that hates everything... you don't deserve to play video games. and uncharted 2 improved in almost EVERYTHING in the second game.

now go take a nap under your bridge troll.
#9.1 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
blahblah  +   1737d ago
Really??? 0.0
Improved in what exactly beside graphics which are fucking rocking?

Story was nothing that quickly redesigned UC1, if you played UC1... UC2 was predictable to the level of boring.
Fight layouts were much more thought out in UC1, arenas were smaller, but at the same time much better done (catacombs and last stages of UC1 are unforgettable). UC2 just had... many enemies.
Introducing boss fights? Lame... UC1 had much better aspect with enemy swarming on crucial plot twists.
UC1 on crushing still counts as one of the best experiences in my book (I still play that for the 7th time). UC2 I simply put down after I finished it for the first time and never took it out of the box again.

The only unforgettable things in UC2 are graphics which put down any game.
LarVanian  +   1738d ago
So just because Uncharted 2 had a certain cliche that popped up numerous times, made it a bad game? Nice logic man.

""But it was not great""

Mmm ok. Here is the cold hard truth, that is just your opinion. It is not fact. If it was fact then Uncharted 2 wouldn't have won more awards than any other game in 2009 and it wouldn't have gotten highly praised reviews.
I'm so glad that people like you don't review video-games, so glad.
#9.2 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Johnny_Bravo  +   1738d ago
All reviews and awards given out are people's opinions, none of them are facts. Uncharted 2 was not that great and IMO was an 8.5 at best, if you don't like my opinion well than that's your problem. You can list or say anything you wish to feel better about yourself but either way I'm going to think the game was good, but not that great.
dustgavin  +   1738d ago
IMO Uncharted 2 deserves every award that it has won and millions of gamers happen to agree that it is the top game of 2009.
LarVanian  +   1738d ago
@ Bravo
No offense man but I honestly don't give a crap about your opinion, so think and feel what you wish, because I am honestly not going to waste my time trying to change it.
The reason I replied to Baltis was because he gave what I thought was a stupid and weak reason as to why he didn't think the game wasn't anything special.
I think there are too many of these pointless "Uncharted 2 is overrated" articles. They honestly need to stop because they're not contributing anything other than some random guy's opinion (On a game that came out more than half a year ago)

PS- Quick question but I are you feeling ok today? Because you sounded quite bitter in your post :)
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Biggest  +   1738d ago
The best part about your opinion on this matter, Johnny_Bravo, is that it matters to you alone. The world doesn't care what you think. The people that have a say have spoken. Naughty Dog's trophy cases show what they had to say.
Poseidon  +   1738d ago
if this article says uc2 is overrated then mario, zelda, gran turismo, resident evil, silent hill, mass effect, fallout, oblivion, gears of war, and grand theft auto are overrated. THIS GAME OWNS FACEPALM.

and i dont believe a thing you said, if you give me that, oh! i played it crap, im betting you just youtubed it.
#9.3 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
LarVanian  +   1738d ago
So just because I made one little mistake I need comprehension skills? Once again, nice logic.
You still only used one factor to describe the game as generic and overrated, and that is why I am glad people like you do not review video-games, you would never give any fare reviews.
Uncharted 2 had a wide variety of gameplay, and yet you made it sound as if it had very few.

""This site is full of people like you I can see that now.""

Well if you don't like it, then get lost. :)

EDIT- I wonder who these little disagree trolls are that keep following me around. They can't seem to come out of the shadows and explain why they disagree with me lol
#9.4 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
playstation_clan  +   1738d ago
take it away Beyonce

bubs78  +   1738d ago
I dont care if someone thinks its over rated or not but thi sarticle so so badly put together i had a lot of trouble even reading it like this line belwo what the hell does that even mean.

Quote from article "the general audience is full of easy to please tools who crave a new desert to pop some heads in" ???????
mcz  +   1738d ago
A game that wins 100+ awards, is seen as one the best games of this generation, and is used as a benchmark for graphics, storytelling etc can't be called overrated.
SOAD  +   1738d ago
Wouldn't that be precisely why it is overrated? Not that I think it's overrated but saying, "Hey, it's not overrated, just look at the score" is circular reasoning.
Biggest  +   1738d ago
But that line of thought would mean that is nothing deserving of praise. If you praise something, it becomes a new candidate for overration (new word). Overrated would be North Carolina basketball at the start of the 2009 season. Properly rated would be Duke at the end of the 2009 season. Uncharted 2 didn't only win pre-season awards. It delivered when it counted in the end as well. Uncharted 2 is the properly rated best game of 2009. Since there are only 20-30 years of such ratings, Uncharted 2 is also one of the best games of all time. The rating seems to fit.
N4BmpS  +   1738d ago
Well no just because it won so many awards and has so many accolades doesn't mean it's overrated. But yeah it is circular reasoning. My thought is that if Uncharted 2 was overrated then that would mean that the game was more like Wolfenstein than say a Portal or GTA 3.

People (fans) have it in their heads that Uncharted 2 is perfect and critics have stated that it's not perfect but it's a very firm step forward. The problem with saying it's perfect is you get articles like this from people who bitter and a bit bias towards the title. The end result is not good as you can see. Also some people don't understand the the word overrated properly.
#12.1.2 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
farhsa2008   1738d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
M4ndat0ry_1nstall   1738d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Poseidon  +   1738d ago
KILLERAPP  +   1738d ago
I’ll quote Adam Sessler on this, “Uncharted 2 is the greatest single player game I have ever played, period” and he has been reviewing games since 1998 on x-play, simple as that…
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1738d ago
yea, its overrated, thats why other companies uses it as a benchmark now on how to make a good game, right?

but MW2 gets the free pass, good job there journalist.
SOAD  +   1738d ago
Other companies always use other games as benchmarks because they copy successful games. Call of Duty is used as a benchmark for other shooters.

The media reception of Uncharted 2 was overwhelmingly positive, that's why other developers will use Uncharted 2 as a model for a great game.

But if someone believes that Uncharted 2 is overrated, you can't objectively invalidate their belief. If they played the game and didn't think it deserved 100+ GOTY awards, then that's their opinion.
thebudgetgamer  +   1738d ago
the whole using "in my opinion" to bash things is bullshit.
if you don't like a certain game that's fine, but when you start calling people tools for liking something you don't. you're an asshole.
militant07  +   1738d ago
its also vice-versa

you're an asshole if you call call people stupid or fanboys for not likeing
thebudgetgamer  +   1738d ago
i don't think he's an asshole for not liking the game.
i think he's an asshole because he is the type of person that thinks his opinions are gospel and if you don't think the same you must be stupid.
TROLL EATER  +   1738d ago
still a good rental game though
Hazmat13  +   1737d ago
your mom was a good rental. there i have joined the uncharted2 fight. now back to my Xbox. lol
Mamajuana  +   1738d ago
I've been playing games for over 20 years. Uncharted 2 is easily one of the greatest games I've played. At least top 3. That's just my opinion.
darkziosj  +   1738d ago
what have you done, oh well let the flames begging
A change in the wind  +   1738d ago
Lol, only on PS3, I know it eats you up inside. Keep crying, crybabies.
LedZeppelin  +   1738d ago
How this guy think's he's all that for using the word
#22 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
blasian  +   1738d ago
Uncharted for ME personally was a very rewarding game that has set standards. Maybe it was not the best game of all time but it has taken a seat up there with the greatest.
KillerPwned   1738d ago | Spam
GodHandDee  +   1738d ago
Revisiting monstervine.com
and why it's pathetic excuse for a website
skip2mylou  +   1738d ago
why wasnt this said about halo, call of duty, forza, gears of war?

PLUS THERE IS LIKE OVER 20 reports and it still passed approval wtf?
#26 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rampaged Death  +   1738d ago
The best game I have ever played. Still better than anything that has come out this year.
ATLGAMER  +   1738d ago
Uncharted 2
Still a great game and relevant to the conversation...What happen to MAss Effect 2...thought it was so good but u hear nothing about it
#28 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
militant07  +   1738d ago
you hear nothing? you obviously not following the game...
Hyperguy20  +   1738d ago
If this game has no creativity then whats MW2?
militant07  +   1738d ago
well, both are
El-Fenemeno1213  +   1738d ago
I revisit Uncharted 2 everyday, I can tell it doesn't suck, my opinion. Now i can make an article -_-
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