E4G: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Review

E4G: War is coming, with all its glory and all its horror. That is the tone that is set for Starcraft II. The sequel to one of the best RTS games made over 10 years ago has finally been released with almost everything being updated in the progress. Blizzard certainly has not disappointed us with Starcraft II. Similar to the first game, it has a long campaign and multiplayer with custom maps.

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dkblackhawk502697d ago

Was a great game, the multiplayer was awesome :D

mmoracerules2697d ago

I love the feature of custom maps where it goes directly to Blizzard's 2.0 servers, makes it awesome!

mrv3212697d ago

I'll be buying this for my next computer, it'll still run on low but man this game loos like such fun.

Motorola2697d ago

IS a great game and the multiplayer IS awesome...Fixed :D

Perjoss2697d ago

IS a great game and the multiplayer will continue be awesome (and supported) for at least 10 to 12 years until SC3 comes out.

double Fixed :D

mmoracerules2697d ago

What a great read! Got the game on launch and I am quite surprised on how great it looks.

dkblackhawk502697d ago

Yep, the game looks great :D, multiplayer will keep you going for hours upon hours :P

mmoracerules2697d ago

Nah, weeks for me, I can't get enough of the multiplayer.

dkblackhawk502697d ago

Weeks? If only I had that much time :P but I will be playing it for a while...till the expansions come out :D

tony67672697d ago

omg i cant stop playing it its addicting and awesome!!!

Lich1202697d ago

Lol me too. I got offline at midnight to finally get some sleep, then while Im lying in bed Im thinking of strategies so I get back on at 1 and play till four. Long story short, work is a bit rough today.