Starcraft 2 With Playstation Move Support = WIN

Star-craft 2 is the sequel to the original Star-craft which came out more than 10 years ago. A game so old and yet to this day people have kept playing the original, showing how popular the series is amongst PC gamers. Even though it probably will never happen or at least won’t happen in the near future due to the fact that Blizzard is mainly PC only, how awesome would it be if the series came to the PS3? Better yet how about it came with PlayStation move support?

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Dramscus2909d ago

I think it could happen.
There was a starcraft 64 and diablo on the psone.

Would love to see this anyway.

frjoethesecond2909d ago

Would love to see this on all platforms even without motion control support. Such a great game deserves all the sales it can get IMO.

samoon2909d ago

Highly agree, even though the games doing very well, more people need to know about it.

evrfighter2909d ago

yes even the console crowd has caught starcraft fever.

darkmurder2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

And its getting all of those sales on PC, for starters when you are joining units together you map it from 1-9. Thats 9 buttons just on that alone, not possible on consoles sorry! You can all dream but this is just one of those great exclusives that will never come to consoles.

Kleptic2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

i've never wanted an 'exclusive' game to come to a platform i have like StarCraft 2...I have it, but would love to play it on the PS3 WAY more than my laptop...mostly because of PSN friends, better TV, sound, PS3 supports mouse and keyboard anyway...could be nearly a direct port...

darkmurder I see what you are saying...but it 'could' easily go to PS3 if they simply forced use of a keyboard...i'm blaming ms and the 360 on this one...if the 360 supported mouse and keyboards could almost be a given to go to consoles, and they wouldn't need to change the control scheme at all for the most part...

here's to hoping...but it won't happen...they simply won't spend the time to port it and have to come up with some way to control it with the DS3 or 360 RTS has ever really penetrated the console market because of exactly that...its been tried, but quickly forgotten every time...

and saying 'you have to have a keyboard and mouse to play this' will never sit in a marketing plan...even though anyone that knows anything about starcraft 2 would have it no other way...

Lich1202909d ago

Yeah i don't really get the PS Move malarkey articles. Why would you want it on move when your console supports KB/M. No offense, and the Minority Report feel would be cool, but those people would just get trounced by those using Keyboard and Mouse. SC2 has much more Micro Management than the first so the ability to just amass a huge army as your primary tactic won't get you very far at all in SC2.

DORMIN2909d ago

^It would be nice to see it on the PS3, if Move or the DS3 doesn't sound like a good option, they can always add keyboard and mouse support like UT3 and LBP2.

This all seems farfetched though, Blizzard won't do it, but probably one of Activision's teams will because they know it would be a money maker.

R0me2909d ago

What the hell?! We already had this topic and the discussion ended when all agreed that it isnt possible. I come here and all changed their minds?

How can you do micromanagement? What about hotkeys?
Just play Warcraft III or even the old good SC:Broodwar for a bit.
Later, when you are a good player and know the basics, come back and think again.

badz1492909d ago

the PS3 supports kb+mouse by default! saying that SCII can't be done on any console is ignorant at best. even a decent laptop can run SCII at high setting with acceptable fps, so it's a walk in the park for the PS3 to run SCII if made for it. 360 can too if only M$ made it kb+mouse compatible

Kleptic2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Rome...thats what everyone is 'can't' be done without mouse and keyboard support...with programmable key support; the game is easily possible on either console from a technical standpoint...its just controlling it thats a problem...meaning they shouldn't even bother trying to figure out some sort of controller adaptation of SCII...just force keyboard and mouse use for gameplay...and thats it...

the PS3 has the option completely open to any developer...the 360 does not...I know it won't happen...just saying the PS3 is actually a very good candidate for the game...

its not the 'control' issue though that is keeping it from consoles...its 2.0...oddly enough though Sony would even allow Blizzard to force that for multiplayer (after all, MGSO had its own Konami ran multiplayer service completely outside of the PSN)...But MS sure as hell wouldn't...

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Ocelot5252909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

starcraft 64 was on the N64(duh, just look at the title)

get your facts right

@smartass who disagreed:

I will personaly back-trace the next guy who disagrees, consequences will never be the same


dktxx22909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

oops wrong place

Ocelot5252909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

very funny, let's disagree with OCELOT525 just for the lolz

my next move:
do you agree that you are going to disagree with this comment?

check and... mate disagreeers!

OhReginald2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

more like....EPIC WIN

but like i said a while back. Even if blizzard doesn't port starcraft 2 to the ps3 and incorporate the ps move, you know sony will.

dktxx22909d ago

Sony can't. It's Blizzard's game. And Blizz don't outsource development, if it's their game, their going to be the ones to develop it.

OhReginald2909d ago

never said for sony to port a blizzard game, but to make a rts game that is meant to be played with ps move.

morganfell2909d ago

dktxx2 - you are not correct. Starcraft Ghost had 2 different outsourced developers before it was placed on hiatus.

360Defender2909d ago

I think he means Sony just cant decide to port someone elses game. Which they cant.

dktxx22909d ago

morgan, that game never came out. So obviously they are not very fond of other developers.

And reginald read what you wrote. you never said sony would make there own rts, you said if Blizzard doesn't port starcraft 2, then sony will. Its simple comprehension buddy. seems like you meant to put another verb phrase in there.

badz1492909d ago

Starcraft II is selling the way it is because it's STARCRAFT a.k.a selling by the name and it's developed by Blizzard! even if Sony or anybody else for that matter copy and paste SC's assets and make another game called NOT "Starcraft", maybe like "Galaxy Miners and Fighters" or something, it will not be received as well as a Starcraft game. so, although possible but to duplicate the success is another thing

morganfell2909d ago

I believe your remarks were "Blizz don't outsource development". I don't believe lack of fondness was in your original line of reasoning. Let's, nothing about fondness in your first remarks.

The biggest reason the game never came out was the beating it took in the previews. The game was being built at the end of the last generation when looks at next gen titles were being shown. Blizzard felt they should put the title on hiatus. Had they been in development for the current gen it would have shipped.

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360Defender2909d ago

And they both played like crap. If you want to play PC games, get a gaming rig and do it right. PC games shouldnt be gimped for kiddie home consoles.

toyuts2909d ago

none of you saw the tech demo if you want the keyboard and mouse.. i mean that can be used as well nothing aginast it but if you saw the tech demo that the author is talking about you wouldn't suggest keyboard and moues... you guys need to do your reasearch first but keyboard and mouse isn't bad either

kevnb2909d ago

but that input lag and lack of keyboard, no thanks

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frjoethesecond2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

For some reason I think natal would work better for an rts type game than move. I can picture the minority report type control for units and pressing commands etc.

A motion controller would defiantly be a closer match for an rts than a joypad. It'd be inferior to a kb and mouse but not as bad as a joypad IMO.

Think I'm a fanboy? Check my comment history before disagreeing or removing my bubbles.

samoon2909d ago

I have to disagree, imagine trying to move specific units using your finger tips, how close to the tv would you have to be, to be precise? I don't think it would be good.

frjoethesecond2909d ago

I never thought of that actually. I can defiantly see a challenge in that unless your hand controlled a cursor or something but then the natal benefits are diminished so yeah. Not such a good idea after all.

It could still work with a cursor though IMO.

karl2909d ago

natal cant see your fingertips ... just saying

and how are u going to select those units? and press those commands?

there are no buttons on natal... u could hold your hand over tihngs .. but thats to slow.

jneul2909d ago

right that is why ruse kinect support got taken away, have you seen the awesom noe 360 sixaxis mod for kinect lol, maybe you can use that lol

Poseidon2909d ago

waits for omega, sodapopinthesky, knightdarkbox to join the discussion. as for me, im all for starcraft on the move.

LordMarius2909d ago

they just want attention and you just gave it to them, good job

2late2909d ago

move would take care of the mouse. All you'd need would be a keyboard

frjoethesecond2909d ago

Now that you mention it the ps3 supports kb and mouse as a control method. You could have that too. The possibilities are exciting.


PS3 can support KB and Mouse in any game with Eagle Eye.

Or is the decision from the Developers to add official support of KB and Mouse on PS3, like Unreal Tournament 3.

TheTeam062909d ago

Move & Keyboard would be a nice fit!

il-mouzer2908d ago

move and keyboard together at the same time?

yeah I'd like you to try that...