Who's Pirating Starcraft II?

It's a game that has 1/3 a campaign, and whose value is mostly in the multiplayer and Gamers who are mostly into the lore and the campaigns may very well just decide to pirate this title, and perhaps it's understandable in this case.

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killyourfm2856d ago

You've got to be fucking kidding me. 1/3 a campaign? The only reason the original StarCraft had all 3 campaigns on the disc is that they all FIT. The art assets, the production values are astounding. The length of the campaign is no shorter than COD: MW2, which people also drop 100's of hours into.

In addition, consider yourself having one less reader since you condone piracy.

GWAVE2856d ago

Yup. This is dumb. I wonder if the guy has actually played through Starcraft 2. I have not, but based on what people say, the campaign is as varied and as long as all three of Starcraft 1's campaigns combined.

Cairnius2856d ago

So...if you haven't played the game, you really have nothing to add to the discussion, is what you're saying. :)

hay2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I downloaded it yesterday not expecting much. After playing several missions I was astonished how well designed and made this game is and bought CE today.
As a rookie game creator/designer I hereby declare Starcraft 2 is a work of genius designer and great writer.
You have to play it to understand it.

Darkfocus2855d ago

it's not even close to all of SC's campaigns combined.

JsonHenry2856d ago

This game was supposed to be a trilogy. And it had over 30 missions which is on par with every other RTS. Not sure how people are getting it is only 1/3 of a full game. Because from the START it was said to be the first in a 3 part trilogy.

Cairnius2855d ago

I don't get people who say "Hey, we knew this is how it was going to be beforehand, why is anyone reacting to this?"

Because it's different when you actually have the game in front of you, and you can feel what you're missing? Announcing that you're going to do something that might let some people down doesn't mean that the people who feel let down have to not say so when it actually happens. Christ.

Lich1202856d ago

Would anyone even be complaining if the first game didn't have all three playable campaigns?! Times have changed since the first. To make a game as polished as the terran campaign in SC2 takes a good amount of time, unlike the originals campaigns which would take like two weeks to do now (yes that was an exaggeration, but you get the point).

OpenGL2856d ago

Starcraft 2's campaign is at least 16 hours long, so a little over 3x the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

f7897902856d ago

Who are you people who finish things so quickly?

FarEastOrient2855d ago

Starcraft II is actually a discount in comparison to Call of Duty, since this game is going to be used in world tournaments and years after Call of Duty 5 come out.

AuToFiRE2856d ago

think of it this way, if it didnt fit on one disc, why not include 3 discs in the package?, its a money grab, who is going to pay $180+tax for a game? i strongly believe in paying for games, but that is just way too much, like honestly, how many of you ACTUALLY have or can afford that to pay that for a single game?

f7897902856d ago

I bet a lot of people will by a legit copy and pirate the other two.

Zinc2856d ago

They have said the other 2 with be treated as expansions and will be priced accordingly.

rumplstilts2856d ago

The other two are expansion packs numb nuts.

Probably 30 to 40 dollars each. 120 -140 for a massive and incredibly well crafted gaming experience that I will pour hundreds of hours into? Yes please.

MMFGaming2856d ago

Another person who clearly hasn't played the game.

The Terran campaign has better production value than most $60 games. Never mind the insane multiplayer that comes with it too.

The expansions will not only add ANOTHER campaign to the game, but it'll expand on the multiplayer as well.

Arguing out of ignorance is pretty pointless.

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ThanatosDMC2855d ago

Last night there were only 22,000+ starcraft 2 players on 21,000 of it was in my region which is NA. I hope the game wasnt pirated big time. I thought it sold millions??? Where are they?

Matthew942855d ago

im pretty sure the game is region locked

ThanatosDMC2855d ago

I wouldnt know. I just see it when you log into Starcraft 2 and you'll see the player count being advertised on the top right hand corner saying how many people are logged into, people playing starcraft 2, and how many are from my region.

Can people even play SC2 without being on

Letros2855d ago

You can play offline, yes

ThanatosDMC2855d ago

I know you can play offline after the authentication online but you wont get the achievements and unlockables. But i meant, could you actually pirate the game and be able to play it or did their protection got cracked all ready? Sorry for the confusion.

Matthew942855d ago

its been pirated but i thinks its single player offline

not that i would care about pirating it....

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duplissi2855d ago

.... wait its the same length as mw2!!? thats pathetic..... thats criminally short if true, and you are defending it! wtf?

Rhapsody_2855d ago

Thats not even close to the truth, on normal it took me around 20 hours and i have fairly good experience with SC (but still a casual player- no hotkeys etc.) Listened to every line of dialogue, watched every cutscene etc.

duplissi2854d ago

oh good, cause that had me worried... i would be soooo pissed if blizzard let activision taint sc2 like they way acti fucked up cod..

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killyourfm2856d ago

Approving this only because I can't wait to see how many people avoid your site after this.

Dance2856d ago

this game deserves to be bought

Microshock2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I wouldn't say it has 1/3 of a campaign. Just because there's planned expansions doesn't mean they gimped this one.

But yeah, a true SC2 player is going to HAVE to buy those expansions because just like Brood War for SC1, it'll have MP add-ons too.

Meaning that your copy of SC2 has considerably less value until you buy those. And judging on how much the WoW expansions cost, it'll be 40 bucks.

Cairnius2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

The Terran campaign isn't what was gimped, but the story. What about Kerrigan, and Zeratul? They deserve to have their own narratives now, just like Raynor defines the Terran campaign.

Starcraft is a story about all three races, and how they're interwoven together. We waited 12 years for the story to continue, and we only got a third of it.

Rhapsody_2855d ago

Look at it like this, blizzard wanted to tell a proper story for each of the three races this time, do you really expect them to give us 3 full-length games for the price of one?

I cant imagine this terran campaign reduced to 1/3, for that reason i think it was a perfectly good decision to split the campaigns into seperate releases.

gravemaker2856d ago

it plays just like the first reason to buy it except for good gfx

Cairnius2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

This has been my experience so far, as well. They should have called it Starcraft 1.5, not Starcraft II. I expect a little innovation in my sequels. Maybe I will find it the deeper I get into the campaign, and the change of having something to really do in-between missions is nice, but what really matters is the gameplay, but it's virtually identical to the same game we got 12 years ago other than the graphics updates, and when the going gets rough, you're not looking at the graphics, you're ensconced in micro.

Any discussion of this game is going to be plagued with the fanboys, of course, and the video game press has every motivation to not be thinking critically about this game so as not to jeopardize their access to Blizzard...but giving this game 5/5 is ridiculous. It's far from a perfect game.

iceman29292856d ago

I disagree in that they should call it Starcraft 1.5.
What sort of innovation are you looking for? Why would you change perfection? The SC formula is amazing, so why not keep it more or less similar? It has a brand new story, which is amazing, and updated graphics too. What else can you ask for?

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