Halo3: Director vs. Halo Video

The Irish band Director shows off its entry for the Xbox 360 Soundtrack Competition.

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Honeal2g3945d ago

is that too much to ask?

Booneral3944d ago

Well I'd expect a more complicated montage, instead of a Bungie edited video being played among with the music.

Time machine? Yes, I am sorry, It's too much to ask man. Maybe you could ask for an early copy of Halo 3 from Bungie instead :P

marcellizot3944d ago

This band supported my band from days gone by (V for Victory) about 18 months ago in Edinburgh at the bongo club. They were a bunch of complete tossers and were in a strop about not being top of the bill.

This song is sonic terrorism. 'arms flailing' indeed... deep, canyon deep.

otherZinc3944d ago

Terrible, bring back the orchestra, please dont let this make the final copy.

nicodemus3944d ago

The song obviously wasn't written for the trailer. And if it was... well, that's just sad.