Apple facing patent lawsuit over iPhone keyboard

Apple this week was sued by a Florida company over a patent it claims is used in the iPhone's touch-screen display. Apple was notified that the iPhone allegedly infringes on a patent issued in 2004 to SP Technologies LLC, which is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The patent describes a "method and medium for computer readable keyboard display incapable of user termination."

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Tsukasah3909d ago

It appears everybody's getting their law suit on >.>

The other day it was sony over the cell, yesterday it was nintendo for the rumble.... i dont know all of microsofts-being-sued.... but i know they had it alot... Now its apple.... who's next? Linux for being open source? konami being sued over having the sixaxis in the game? WTFH PEOPOLE!!! If you want to make money, sue microsoft, they've got more money than any other company >.> they could care less about losing a few million, thats just pocket change! BLEHH!!!

s8anicslayer3909d ago

i should of sued ms for scratching some of my games, but maybe after halo 3

BlackTigea3907d ago

its becoming a norm now, you made that ? we sue you race has begun. pointless in are view, but a gold mine for those suing on almost anything they can find, geez its getting tiresome really. Then again I do the same if my patent is legit and another company ain't paying for that use... See you in court buddy!