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Submitted by Hyrius 2017d ago | review

Joystiq StarCraft II Review

Joysqtiq writes : "If any other company but Blizzard had simply put new graphics over the same old interface, it would have resulted in an interesting novelty at best. But within moments of putting my hands on StarCraft 2 during the open beta, it was clear this was no mere novelty. It's been more than a decade since I played the original, but the sequel feels both instantly fresh and familiar. It's not a game that will be forgotten in the rush of the coming months' releases. It feels timeless" (PC, Starcraft II) 5/5

BornToKill  +   2017d ago
i suck at RTS and don't play them but... this game is already GOTY.
PlayerX  +   2017d ago
As much as I love Starcraft II. I think some reviewers won't give it such high scores such as this because of the lack of LAN and the fact that it only has one campaign. So I don't think it will win Game of the Year. In the mind of most reviewers Mario Galaxy 2 has already won Game of the Year.
Conloles  +   2017d ago
Truly epic game, the best exclusives - always on PC
Perjoss  +   2017d ago
i think PC may get some sympathy votes because of the state of things, no PC gaming is not dying but it is in a bit of a state, certainly not in its prime, This could well be GOTY.
evrfighter  +   2017d ago

what state would that be?

the state where we switched to DD and every publisher using steam is singing in the shower and having a skippity-doo-dah day?

or maybe the state where a non crappy console port a la bc2 sells more on the pc? as evidenced by the devs saying there are more pc users than 360 and ps3 combined?

Montrealien  +   2017d ago
What I find Ironic about your comment PlayerX is that Galaxy 2 got praised for the exact reasons SC2 gets praise. For not fixing something that is not broken and adding just enough to make it that much better. The only difference is, we had to wait 12 years for SC2 and 2 years for SMG2.

I think SC2 is defenitly Goty contender for 2010, then again, there has been so many great games this year, on all platforms.
Perjoss  +   2017d ago
a state where it is no longer the lead platform for the bigger titles, and devs like id and crytek which focused so heavily on making games optimised primarily for PC are now looking more towards consoles.
evrfighter  +   2017d ago
you mean those dev's epic, id, and crytek that released mediocre games (in cryteks case a game no one could play but still went on to sell 2million+ when hardware caught up) within 2 months of cod4 and tf2?

let me break it down for you

FPS games crysis, unreal 3, quake wars, cod4, tf2 all released within 2 months of each other
I see the two GARGANTUAN reasons why those 3 dev's were left scratching their heads and ended up resorting to blaming piracy.
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Montrealien  +   2017d ago
sure Perjoss, impressive...

Feel free to leave out Creative Essembly, Relic, Bohemia Int., Blizzard, Valve, Bohemia Int. and trust me, I could go on.

Get out of 1995, PC gaming was not in a state then, and is not in a state now. deal with it.

PC gaming is in this kinda state,

it is always a few steps ahead consoles, and it has been this way since day 1.
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Perjoss  +   2017d ago
you said Bohemia Int twice :P

But I started gaming on the PC and am a PC gamer mainly, Valve are amazing and I'm a giant Blizzard fanboy, you are preaching to the choir, I'm just stating how I feel about the situation in general.
animboo  +   2017d ago
loving every minute of playing this..
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tdrules  +   2017d ago
did anyone expect anything else?
Cairnius  +   2017d ago
My only problem with their review is that it was written by someone who had been in the beta. You can't tell me that his thoughts on the game hadn't already, to some degree, been set in stone before he reviewed the retail release.

I'd have preferred that the review be written by someone with a fresh perspective. A little thinking ahead could have had Joystiq ask someone not to play the beta in lieu of promising them the review piece when the time came.
exsturminator01  +   2017d ago
I actually disagree
I LOVED Starcraft 1, but 2 is such a bore, story-wise anyway. The whole campaign 3/4 of the way through is "We are angry raiders and we save random people and steal stuff to make money"...okay then. Plus, the Protoss mini-campaign is kind of a kick in the face with, "There IS exciting stuff happening in the universe, you're just not a part of it, the Protoss and Zerg are." Well great, that makes me feel loads better while I rescue another settlement from aliens. Thanks.
The reviewer also admits that Blizzard is getting favoritism in the description. "If any other company but Blizzard had simply put new graphics over the same old interface, it would have resulted in an interesting novelty at best." Yeah, you think? I haven't tried multiplayer, so maybe that's where all the value is, but thus far the campaign has been a huge letdown, and nowhere near game of the year by any standard.
Luzce  +   2017d ago
Except that he's saying the game is more than new graphics over an old interface. Read beyond that one line...
exsturminator01  +   2017d ago
but it's not really more than that. I mean, there's some new bells and whistles, but it's mostly just a nice graphics overhaul.
Montrealien  +   2017d ago
So what you are saying is you don`t like the game and are not impressed excturminator01?

uh, ok?

*takes out note pad*

*scribbles in it*


Now please go play something you actually like and respect that fact that 100s of thousands actually like it.
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yamzilla  +   2017d ago
this is the best game I have played in YEARS and also this is the first game since oblivion and I have felt was worth $60...hell...both those games are worth $300 if you compare them to most other games that come out at full price.

Look at something like god of war 3...hell of a game...epic actually...but after 10 hours it was worthless to me...that's why i rented it....I already have over 15 hours in the multiplayer of starcraft 2 and maybe 2 hours in the campaign....before i am " Starcrafted out" hundreds of play hours and years will have gone by with all the user mods and intresting maps people will create...

If you complain about this games price...then alan wake...mass effect 2 and gow3 should be $10 games...

btw...starcrat 2 better win a $hitton of game of the year single handedly DESTROYS every game that has come out this year in terms of depth...replayability and sheer awesomeness!!
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Prcko  +   2015d ago
1 word: epic!!!

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