"GTA IV" Delay Confirms August As Most Painful Month For Gamers?

According to an MTV Multiplayer Blog post, August is the most painful month to be a gamer. Historically speaking, that is. For starters, two megaton Legend of Zelda games were apparently delayed in the month of August: Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Lair was recently pushed back a few weeks, and if your memory is sharp, you'll recall GTA 4 has been delayed until sometime next year. All in August (or nearly in August, as the blog is careful to say).

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TriggerHappy3916d ago

Well i know this delay is going to go in history as one of the worse gaming moments in history.

DrWan3916d ago

After so many GTA, i am quite tire of the series. I am not even missing it..delay for as long as they want. I will probably get egged by a million gamers..but who else feels that GTA is getting a bit old?

marionz3916d ago

yeah get over it people gta isnt the best game ever, totally overhyped
anyway august is great for me with blue dragon bioshock flatout two worlds...and the rest

True Gamer King3916d ago

I don't understand why so many people like this game. I have never owned any, but I have played them, and to me they are boring, stupid, and I honestlty I don't see the point.

No one take this the wrong way I just realy don't like this game or see the point in playing it. And I know this game is realy popular, I just don't know why, so can someone explain to me why this game is so popular.

Dr Pepper3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

@ True Gamer King

I think it's so popular because:

1) The amount of freedom you get and the ability to do whatever the hell you want to.

2) How out of the ordinary it is (you really wouldn't want to get in a cop chase in real life, but in the game it's no problem, etc.).

3) The humor that is placed throughout the game (parodies of our present society etc.).

4) Way over the top action.

True Gamer King3916d ago

Thanks for explaining it, and not getting all upset about me saying that I don't like the game like how most people would. Considering how many people praise this game.

I guess I'm the only one that realy doesn't like this game. I've never heard anyone else say they dislike this game so I guess it's just me.

hongthay3915d ago

Honestly, I have not ever been a fan of the GTA games. And am not concerned at all about the new one. Lair, I was disappointed about though.

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Rattles3916d ago

know witch GTA is the best and that is vice city. lol

Lakuspakus3916d ago

GTA 3 is the best in my opinion.

But wether GTA IV isn't like the other in the series or not doesn't really matter to me.
I play GTA for the feeling of freedom, which will be better than ever in GTA IV!

Satanas3915d ago

Yeah I was most impressed with GTAIII at its release, I guess because it had the biggest impact. 'Fido' is a great character to play as too.

AcidRhain3916d ago

get over it. play something else.

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The story is too old to be commented.