The Best Console Launches Ever

Some gamers obsess over launch statistics, arguing about which console outsold the other. That's fine, but the guys over at would much rather play the launch games and have fun instead of fighting over things publishers worry about. With that said, here are the best console launches and the publishers who delivered the games Gamedaily wanted to play.

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San anto4122d ago

wow thats a terrible list, i mean daaaaayyuuum?!?! wdf!! so stupid...

Loudninja4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

I really do not see how the 360 made the list, even the Wii was not up there.But thtas my IMO, dont gey angry :D

BIadestarX4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

How? mmm.. gee... I don't know... COD2 alone was worth the xbox 360 launch...

Game launch are usually rated by availability and games... It's only now that a bunch of people rate the console base on input devices and hardware specs....

Name the wii launch games that you feel should make the wii be in this list...

and just for humor..

name the PS3 launch games that you feel should make the PS3 be in this list.

Kleptic4121d ago

COD 2 was not worth the price of a 360 imo though...and that was way before I knew anything of hardware failuers or anything of the sort...

I remember specifically being at the store playing a demo, even on a HD tv (a lot of retailers at the time didn't even know to do that...MS barely pushed the HD stuff, even though the 360 was very capable of it), and thinking "this is it?"

there were so many games well after launch for the 360 also that looked absolutely horrible, becuase they were just ports of PS2 games...Superman Returns or whatever? holy crap that game looked like poop...

I am not being biased towards the PS3 or anything...the PS3 STILL doesn't have a single game, aside from Motorstorm I guess, that really shows off what I thought this generation would look like back in 2005...No doubt the 360 has a few now, such as Gears...but if you look at COD 2 compared to Gears of War (or the upcoming COD4), you wouldn't even think both games were on the same system...I am still hoping its a similar comparison after the PS3 gets its fall lineup on store shelves...comparing Resistance and UT3 shoule hopefully fall in a similar category...

I guess my point is that no system this generation really blew me away at launch...the 360 didn't get its incredible looking game until a year after launch, except for Oblivion, which also looked great...and aside from F1 06 and Motorstorm, same deal for the PS3...

and, ashamed as I am, graphics do matter to me...they always have...the crazier the games start looking, the better for me...FPS's haven't changed a whole lot gameplay wise since Quake 1, and I am fine with that as long as they keep looking better and better, with the occasional new "addition" to the genre...


i have both systems, though i will say i am prob more of an xbox man.

but when the xbox launched there were some great games, but i was not totally blown away by anything. Games like PGR3 i thought really showed what could be done ( even though it was not really running at HD resolutions ) but then there were games that just made me think, is this really next gen.

Apart from the graphics, i was expecting a lot more in terms of gameplay, interacting with environments and characters and so on. i was hoping to see a lot more creativeness with the so called power available and all that, but i just didn't see it.

its just last gen games with better graphics. The first game to really make me think, now this is different and next gen was Oblivion.

even with the PS3, there are games that i kept hearing were so much better and were going to do so much like RFOM, but it just didn't impress.

Kleptic4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

totally...I was expecting a lot more at launch than what was delivered, for every system that is now this generation...

COD2 looked slightly better than COD1 on a PC, and just put you through a different scripted battle on different fronts of WWII...same gameplay, still no cover, still very little environment interactivity...

RFOM...same played like Halo and COD combined, which was cool...but still no real difference in gameplay...both games looked really good I guess, but not much better than even older PC games on high end machines...which is usually the case anyway...but with the hype of what both machines were capable of, I expected more...

they are delivering now though...Gears is still arguably the best looking released game ever made, and their are games in the pipeline that are already starting to look better...

the one thing I really hope comes along is physics though...We have been playing games too long to have grenades and tank fire not do anything to a building that looks like its on the verge of collapsing anyway...that was what really bothered me about Resistance...barely any interactivity...stuff should be crumbling apart, in every game, this generation...KZ2 is trying it sort of...and Crysis has got it, but we will see if that part of the engine is capable on a console...

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Rattles4122d ago

with top post WTF!!!???

MK_Red4122d ago

Didn't Wii have a much better launch than both PS3 and 360 combined? I mean it was sold-out back then and still is!

And N64!? With only 2 games?

BIadestarX4122d ago

mmm.. maybe that's the problem... not that great launch due to availability and maybe because since then... only 1-2 games are worth buying for the wii.... which is still the case.

And the PS3 had... no problem being found.... but... had/have not many games...

Tabasco4121d ago

except the first few months were like hell trying to find one but yes i get your point.

s8anicslayer4121d ago

yeah you have to admit the 360 had a great launch

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