Sony: 60GB PS3 Sales Jump 113% Compared To Four Weeks Prior Price-drop

While announcing the release of the 80GB PS3, Sony has released new information on the impact which the price cut had on the 60GB PS3 model. They claim that sales of the system jumped as much as 113% compared to the average sales of the system four weeks before the price drop. Sales of the 60GB system will continue until stock is depleted, which is expected to happen during Fall based on current demand levels.

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Loudninja3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Where did they get these numbers from?

Edit:anyone have a link to the press released ?

Odion3912d ago

stupid old we already knew this

Maddens Raiders3912d ago

Don't let this guy fool ya. He LOVES the PS3. Like a fly on shyt.

ParaDise_LosT3912d ago

Its wierd, most of your response are just trash talk, yet everyone presses the agree button for you....
Talk about charismatic....
I mean...odion is right....
this is pretty damn old...
But then again....

ahh I won't say it :) I like my bubbles ^^

The Dude3912d ago

It will be interesting to see how sales figures will be over the next four weeks , with the sku change 60 to 80.

ThisIsWaiting3912d ago

how many of those people who recently bought a PS3 are like me.

I bought the console ... Resistance used ... and God of War 2 used.

Im not really helping Sony's bottomline at this point lol

ChanDangle3912d ago

^^^^^ Madden sells drugs. =P

Maddens Raiders3912d ago

I wish. Then I wouldn't have to pay taxes!lol

MikeGdaGod3912d ago

u got Gundam?????


Maddens Raiders3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Yeah...I took [it] and Transformers back to Gamestop and made my friendly neighborhood game clerk (Danny L.) flush them down the toilet!
I picked up a bluetooth hs, the Darkness and R6V instead.

It's an old

====>>>> Hey help me GMMBB guys. These haters can't stand a "tru-playa" in the game.

cmrbe3912d ago

Thats some serious setup up have there man. If only everyone can afford it though it would be great.To ThisIsWaiting. At least you bought the PS3 and sony games mate. I am pretty sure you won't regret just like me.It will be interesting though to see in how the hardware sales for this holiday season turns out and weather PS3 can keep the momentum

ThisIsWaiting3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

if the console had more games for it. Mostly anything thats out for the PS3 that I would play is already on the 360, which I also own.

I really bought it because I wanted a bluray player.

and no, thank god Im not like you. I play games, from the looks of just some of the crap your flaunting, you get played by games.

cmrbe3912d ago

What crap are you refereing to?. The fact that the PS3 is a good system and you will most likely not regret buying it.Is it crap to wonder if the PS3 can keep up the momentum?.Your weird.

Maddens Raiders3912d ago

I think by your name its not surprising that you think I get played by games. Funny thing is there's a yahoo here in my town that thinks just like you. According to your rationale I should live in a brick shythouse and only buy a few games so that I don't piss off the less fortunate. I thank God for all I've got.

My response:

Go fvck yourself and stop being jealous, you'll probably live longer. Then again, go ahead and be jealous! =]


Gorgon3911d ago

Maddens Raiders, you're a very christian soul. You insult people for nothing and thank god in the same phrase.

You can only be American.

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