Sony closes the console sales gap in Japan

Sony is slowly closing the gap between its PS3 console and Nintendo's Wii in Japan according to new sales figures announced.

Although Nintendo's Wii games console outsold Sony's PS3 console by a ratio of 4 to 1 in Japan, according to games magazine publisher Enterbrain, sales have fallen from 6 to 1 in favour of the Wii in June.

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Odion3913d ago

to catch up you have to stop loosing

tethered3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Isn't that the opposite of tightening?
lol Just kidding!
I knew what you were saying.

On topic.
It will take time for Sony to catch up.
The Wii is doing awesome.

Odion3913d ago

to catch up you have to stop loosing

The Wood3913d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

cant you understand that the 360 got mentioned (so early anyway) because of Odion's first comment. You know what he is so you know that people will respond to his stupidity, its easy to see. This topic had zero to do with the 360 or pc (odions fav's) but he couldn't help himself and had to troll. is that kool with you jenzo

Good news sony but none the level thinking people are surprised right about now. Trends seem to repeat themselves so this was bound to happen

Maddens Raiders3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

look another booty hurt Xbot ^^^^^^ things are gonna be a lot different around here this time next year and I can't wait. I remember someone saying something about a mag-lev Supertrain....goodness this goody good PS3 news just KILLS you doesn't it? =]

On another note...anyone have those 360 Japan sales numbers?

Korosuke3913d ago

Here in Japan, you couldn't see any Xbox360 stuff at TV CM or something.
The recent exposure to the media of Xbox360 is only the red ring lights problem and MS appropriated expense of $1billion.
So ordinary people hava only a bad impression toward Xbox360.
If MS really wants to sell their consoles here, they should announce that they will collect stocks of stores and re-supply more better products not only they extend a security period.

Maddens Raiders3913d ago

for the report uglygreen. I'd ask about the weather, but I heard that a typhoon recently went through the area. Everything's good I trust?

InMyOpinion3913d ago

Who said anything about the 360? That's right, you did. You big Sony fanboy you. Stick to the story instead of always flaming.

deepujatt20053913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

funny they keep talking about ps3 and Wii sales.
and not even bother mentioning the 360..

MADGameR3913d ago

The 360 is not liked by everyone, the PS3 is not liked by everyone and nor is the Wii! But I'd say that in the end the PS3 will be most liked.

IPlayGames3913d ago

it went from 4 to 1 To. 6 to 1 how is that closing the gap??

Rockstar3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )


Infernus3913d ago

It dropped from 6 to 1, down to 4 to 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.