Madden NFL 08 - Smart QB & Defensive Weapons

Learn about the brand new 'Smart' weapons feature implemented in this year's Madden. HD video available following the link.

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Ortiz833941d ago

So the other player will alwyas know what play i will be doing?

Monty_The_Great3941d ago

it makes it so someone can't keep calling "that one play that works everytime" from happening. Since it is used on both offense and defense, i feel it adds a whole new demension to the game, making it so you have to try different plays, and switch things up.

s8anicslayer3941d ago

i hope this madden is better then the past few

Tru_Blu3941d ago

Maybe 07 was meant to set the bar so low that anything halfway decent will look great.

Dragonopolis3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

to switch plays up. You keep playing the same play you will get smoked by a really good player. What this does is to visually help people who have trouble with mixing it up or who perfects a single play and makes it difficult for the other player to defend.

My only problem with Madden is that there is just to much going on on the controller to really in joy the game. It has become too sophisticated. Seems the more options they put in the more of these visual aids they have to create so that players can be good.