Shinji Mikami Discusses Difficulty Settings in Vanquish

"Vanquish has four difficulty settings to choose from. One that is surprisingly fun is Casual Automatic mode. Before we started work on it, I can’t say that I had high hopes; however, once we got it up and running, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong. Once you get your target on the enemy, the rest is easy as pie. I’m sure saying it that way makes it sound totally uninteresting, but when you actually give it a shot, the tempo it gives the game play will make you jump up and say, “Woohoo!”"

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Rikitatsu2731d ago

"God Hard"... This is an obvious reference to Mikami's cult classic: "God Hand"

- Ghost of Sparta -2731d ago

Game looks fun as shit. Voice acting's pretty bad though.

blackbeld2730d ago

Does this game patch with MOVE.

I hope it does. Gameplay will be awesome!

scofios2730d ago

LoL raiden doesn't wear a suit, it's his body he is a cyborg.

ThanatosDMC2730d ago

God Hand... one of my favorites. It's ridiculously awesome with its weird ass combos.

Spenok2730d ago

So true, God Hand was awesome too, if crazy over the top.

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Agent Smith2731d ago

Everytime I see something about easy mode, I always think of this picture.

dizzleK2731d ago

it probably plays like bayonetta on easy i.e. hold the button and the game plays itself.

LeonSKennedy4Life2730d ago


So excited! I love Platinum! I loved Clover.

Viewtiful Joe 3?!? PLEASE!!!!

Silly gameAr2730d ago

This game is going to be sick.

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