The Top 7... Lamest Ninja

Nowadays, everyone loves ninja and knows that they can walk on water, run up walls, and slice through any adversary. And if you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you, it's probably a ninja waiting for the perfect moment to put you out of your misery.

But there are some truly shameful shinobi lurking in the depths of gaming's history. These sad excuses for agents of death couldn't sneak their way past a blind security guard and should be stripped of the honorable title of the ninja.

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drtysouf213756d ago

lame. I like that show and the games.

MK_Red3756d ago

Good find but:
1.WTH is Rikimaru doing there? He was a great ninja in PSone's Tenchu games and is among the most respected. Also, didn't they (GamesRadar) also choose Ayame as one of the top 7 BEST ninjas?

2.They sure hurt a lot of fans by including Naruto and TMNT.

MACHone3756d ago

...BUT GOEMON!? They've gone too far!

Shin_Akakage3756d ago

Goemon I can live with, I-Ninja I agree whole-heartedly, Wrath of the Black Manta ninja...Absolutely...but Naruto, Rikkimaru, Ayame and The Turtles? What is this guy thinking?

TMNT - I can see why maybe he would want to include the turtles because they are all PG on the cartoons...but in the TMNT Comics..where the turtles started they are ruthless. Can't include them in Lamest Ninja.

Naruto - For crying out loud the fast majority of the content in naruto stems from actual japanese legends about ninja. The way the schools and clans are set up in Naruto are also loosely(very loosely) based on how it was for actual ninja in real life. The techniques and mystique surrounding the characters are everything that have ever made ninja stories cool. Sorry again I disagree. Despite his need for recognition Naruto and Company kill alot of characters throughout the series. Those they don't kill the beat the h3ll out it all balances out.

Rikkimaru and Ayane - Tenchu is probably the most accurately portrayed ninja in a can the possibly be lame for being pretty accurate? Sure Ryu Hayabusa would kill them in a matter of seconds..but not everyone can be a modern day super ninja with a sword forged out of the tooth of a dragon. Plus Rikkimaru was mo-capped by legendary movie ninja Sho Kosugi. That alone ranks him among the coolest Ninja. I again...strongly disagree.

I think this guy hits on a few...but completely misses the mark the characters I mentioned above. Despite popular believe ninja were not always assassins. So whose to say there wasn't a good-hearted ninja like Naruto back in the day?

note: Goemon is loosely based on a real ninja from japanese history.

s8anicslayer3756d ago

the #1 lamest ninja was chris farley in, what was the name of that movie?

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