Inside Legendary: The Box - Interview with Lead Producer John Garcia-Shelton

The use of mythical creatures/monsters seems to raise the stakes in a FPS. How does mixing these creatures in with human opponents impact the tension of the game?

JS: It attacks the comfort zone we've gotten used to in first-person shooters. You get used to a rhythm of encounters in your standard FPS and the creatures blow that up. You can't apply the same logic where you look for the next forward coverpoint you want to shoot from to get a better angle on the enemy. It forces different value judgments like: how much space is behind me, are the creatures helping me for the moment or are they bearing down on me. It can feel chaotic if a player isn't bringing the right tools to the battle and making the right decisions.

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MK_Red3877d ago

Interesting game IMO but they really REALLY need to change the title. Legendary: The Box reminds me Halo 3 Legendary box / edition.