Nintendo Working on a Motion Sensing Wii Portable?

Technobob was rummaging around the USPTO Patent database earlier today, and came across this intriguing patent application from Nintendo.

The filing, originally dated March 30, 2007 (but just updated this week) describes a portable gaming system that includes X/Y/Z motion sensing that's similar to that found in the Wii-Mote.

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DaEnforcer3975d ago

And how do you wanna see the screen if you flip this thing around? It would have to come out with some sort of video glasses and that would be too pricey.

Fighter3975d ago

But I don't see this working out for them unless they make a really powerful strap.

unsunghero283975d ago

Remember that Nintendo cell phone that was found in the patents? That turned out to be baloney too. Motion sensing would (I suppose) be the next logical level of progression in Nintendo's portables, though...

M_Prime3975d ago

thats pretty wack and i don't see that working here in North America.. it looks like a mouse kinda deal (optical or laser) which seems like a good idea but not on the go or without a table lol..

i know hackers have a chip that plugs into either SLOT A or SLOT B depending on which you buy that allows tilt controls.. so i don't see why Nintendo can't do that.. i mean there is a RUMBLE PACK for the ds with a few games compatible with it.. IMHO the rumble shoulda been builtin

ChickeyCantor3974d ago

this thing is connected in the GBA slot and its from nintendo.

djt233975d ago

WoW to the video
it like a mouse
it is very interesting

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