Wave Race 64 - Virtual Console Gameplay

It's time to get wet and wild with this classic jet ski racer now on the Virtual Console.

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Kleptic3726d ago

haha that music was worse than I remembered...

the water though to this day still looks really good...11 years hasn't harmed it as much as I would have thought...

IQUITN4G3726d ago

Shame it's the NTSC version there showing - pal version aint that fast

Kaneda3726d ago

the graphic is comparable to pilot wing... :) awesome! I am getting this for sure..

NOT! :)

djt233726d ago

one of the best game on the N64 and you know what i still have it.
Installshield- i have to tell you i like the music still

s8anicslayer3726d ago

i used to love this game on the n64, brings back some good memories when i lived home!

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