Target to offer new PS3 80GB in-store only

Target Corp. will not offer online availability of Sony Corp.'s new 80GB Playstation 3 hardware SKU, the company disclaimed this week at

The official product page for the item lists the 80GB model as a "stores only" item and that the product is not available online.

The page provides consumers the option to find the product at a local brick and mortar Target location.

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PStriple7033944d ago

is what i'm upgrading too later, i think if you have a choice to get the 60gb or the 80, just get the 60 and upgrade later....

Maddens Raiders3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

get railroaded over to the wii in ITR's store? I bet he's on it like a used car salesman:

-- "That? don't want that thing...let me show you the next BIG thing in gaming.....step right over here folks and just look at this beauty of a console.....go ahead hold it...that's it....grip it....become one with your wii...go ahead turn it on....just listen to that power....." -- lol [sarcasm]