Sony Exec Talks New PSP's Upgrades, GPS Attachment, NYC Appeal and more

So the PSP, once the darling of handheld gaming, then a bystander to the rushing success of the DS, is armed for its next charge. Will it come back? Read on to find out just why Sony thinks it will...

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MaximusPrime3453d ago

no news about Europe getting GPS peripheral. :(

s8anicslayer3453d ago

i live in nyc and see more kids and teens with a psp,way more then ds

Retro-Virus3453d ago

Same here. I live in NYC and all I see is kids with PSP's on the subways . Those who don't have a PSP have an IPOD.

supnub53452d ago

and all of my friends had a psp, i only met one person with a ds.

Mr_Kuwabara3453d ago

Nice Article, a long read but worth a read.

crck3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I was wondering about the status of the gps.

Heepspo3451d ago

maybe click on the link and read? Just a thought.

DJ3453d ago

(mostly because of my age group) but it's definitely getting more and more popular. They've sold what, 24 million so far? God of War and FF7 are definitely going to move a LOT of units when they're released.

Fighter3453d ago

I don't think the PSP can ever replace the DS when it comes to overall sales (unless they pull off a miracle) but it will definitely gain more popularity over the next few months. You can do much more on the PSP than the DS and people are slowly realizing that, especially the PS3 connectivity feature. I actually use my PSP as a walkman.

DJ3453d ago

the remote-play functionality. Instead of buying a bigass memory stick for my PSP, I can just remote play videos off my system (and store a lot more than I ever could on the handheld). I can't wait for the 2.00 firmware update, which supposedly allows for Remote Play connectivity from anywhere in the world.

SafeRat3452d ago

You already can from anywhere in the world...

Daishi3451d ago

Well the PSP conects to two systems, PS3 and 360. I personaly love hooking my PSP up to my 360 and watching videos or streaming the music off of it while I play games. I like my DS as well but it really needs to work on its online functionality for games.