Joystiq: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Review

Joystiq: "StarCraft 2 didn't change the formula because it didn't need to. This isn't just a fresh coat of paint on Starcraft, it is Starcraft, right down to it's pixelated bones. It's proof that games don't have to be disposable, that some games are so creative and balanced and fun that they don't go out of style or disappear over the years. Some games, it turns out, really are timeless."

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evrfighter2613d ago

it's about time the real reviews started to roll in.

Faztkiller2613d ago

This is one PC game I really want to try to bad my PC is junk

jy_mrnd2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

This is the best RTS game ever! played it all last night every gamer should get this game!